Not because of prestige, this is the reason netizens are reluctant to eat at street vendors


Not out of pride or shame. These netizens share the reason why they are lazy when invited to eat at tent stalls or street vendors.

People who like to refuse invitations to eat in tent stalls to street vendors are often considered arrogant or too prestige. But mostly that’s not the case.

Like the reason shared by a netizen, TikTok user @sucipongohstoryst (21/02). He shared the main reason why he was lazy and even reluctant, if invited to eat at street vendors.

“How do you get rid of it?” asked Suci in the video description.

In the viral video he uploaded, it appears that he is eating fried chicken and white rice in one of the street stalls. There he also wrote fragments of his friend’s conversation that invited him to eat on the side of the road.

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The video shows an excited Suci lifting her legs up onto a chair. Suci turns out to have a phobia or fear when she sees cats.

“I am a cat phobia, panic (immediately) panic, complicated, like to scream when a cat passes by. Take two benches to raise my legs so I don’t hit the cat,” he explained, where the main reason he was lazy to eat on the side of the road was because of the many stray cats swarming under his feet.

“Even though eating this (street food) is more delicious, let alone eating there,” continued Suci.

Not because of prestige, this is the reason why netizens are reluctant to eat at street vendors Photo: TikTok @sucipongohstoryst

This video has managed to attract the attention of netizens and TikTok users. In a short time the video has been liked by more than 136 thousand users, and received 4.7 thousand comments.

“I really like it. If you eat on the side of the road, really look for one that doesn’t have many cats. If not, then the legs will automatically perch on top of the mouth,” wrote @hap**.

“Eating doesn’t feel good, because it’s busy looking left and right at the bottom of the table,” commented @day**.

“Oh my gosh, I found my comrade in arms. I’m really okay with eating at street vendors, just yes… as long as there’s a cat handler,” said @say**.

“Same, so I was really worried about having a cat. Even though eating on the side of the road is really easy,” concluded @bey**.

At the end of the comment column, Suci added that she didn’t expect that many people would experience the same thing as her when eating at a street vendor.

“Ah, it turns out that many are the same. I think I’m the only one who’s weird. Enthusiasm for us. If there’s a way to heal, it can be spilled,” he concluded.

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