Not Bali, This is Just a Pangandaran Tourist Village


Vacation to Pangandaran tourist attraction is not only trying out its natural beauty. Tourists must know that the center for seafood and nightlife is in the Tourist Village.

The Pangandaran Tourist Village is located in the Pamugaran Block, the tourist area of ​​Pangandaran Beach, West Java, which is increasingly attracting attention. With rows of exotic cafes and restaurants complete with great photo spots.

To go to the Tourist Village from the West Coast of Pangandaran, it is only a distance of 2 kilometers or the equivalent of a 10-minute drive.

While passing Pamugaran Street in the middle of the trip, there are cafes that offer life blankets, of course scattered.

For travelers traveling to Pangandaran, don’t forget to taste seafood at Pangandaran Tourist Village. In addition to its location on the lips of a virgin beach. There, a variety of Pangandaran seafood is served steadily.

Pangandaran Tourist Village Photo: (Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikcom)

The best seller of the Kampung Turis seafood dishes, namely, Grilled Pomfret Fish and Pindang Gunung. Plus sweet and sour prawns equipped with flour fried squid.

Served in front of the sea off the coast of Pangandaran. This delicious and steady Pangandaran seafood makes the tongue unable to move on.

There are 13 cafes and restaurants in Pangandaran Tourist Village, some of which are Seafood Restaurants.

Pangandaran Tourist VillagePangandaran Tourist Village Photo: (Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikcom)

In fact, not only selling seafood typical of Pangandaran, cafes and restaurants in Kampung Turis provide nightly entertainment such as Live DJs, music, and mini concerts to accompany travelers when visiting there.

The most well-known and popular seafood places to eat include De Icha Seafood, Risma Seafood, Mina Rasa, Morgan, Tirta Bahari, Pangandaran Leaounge and Mina Sari and Family.

For cafes and restaurants that provide nightlife, travelers must try Bambo Cafe and resto 1 and 2, Siti Mungil and Sagara Bar and Resto.

Attractive and Instagrammable photo spots serve the eyes of travelers. Because since the afternoon with a nice twilight and night with rainbow colored Edison lights.

Pangandaran Tourist VillagePangandaran Tourist Village Photo: (Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikcom)

Rika Nadiyanti (22) one of the tourists from Bandung said, Kampung Turis is the best ending when you are tired of traveling around Pangandaran.

“All day traveling around Pangandaran from the beach to natural attractions. Then looking for food to the seafood center in Pangandaran Tourist Village, it’s a happy ending,” he said. Saturday (29/1/2022).

According to him, apart from being the end of the trip, the weekly night at the Tourist Village is very complete.

“A place to eat and entertain side by side intimately,” he said.

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