Not a Discourse, This Woman Has Successfully Lost 45 Kg For Resolution 2021


If you usually go on a diet at the beginning of the year for the sake of a new year’s resolution, it often ends up being a mere discourse. Unlike this woman who successfully lived her diet resolution.

At the beginning of every year, many people start the year with a resolution or achievement target that they have planned from the start. Whether it’s a resolution to improve yourself, to a diet resolution or losing weight, most people do.

Unfortunately, over time, diet resolutions in the new year have become mere discourse. But a woman named Latrice Tatum has proven that she can make her diet resolutions come true in 2021.

Reporting from WECT (16/02), in 2021 he had a resolution to lose 45 kg of weight. He did not say what his initial weight was, but he was aware that he had diabetes from his family. So he had to change his diet.

Starting from the beginning of 2021, Latrice immediately applies a healthy diet. He consumes more fresh fruit and vegetables. He also regularly exercises at home. To add information, Latrice is quite diligent in looking for diet tips to light exercise on the internet.

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Not a Discourse, This Woman Has Successfully Lost 45 Kg For Resolution 2021 Photo: Site News

So that the resolution of the diet is still running and not just a mere gibberish. Latrice asked her mother to come help her.

Latrice and her mother share their diet story through Clean Christian Comedy on Facebook. Latrice, who is worried about her mother’s health, also invites her to go on a diet and stop eating sweet foods.

Moreover, the mother has an addiction to sweet foods such as Oreos and so on. Latrice had to hide her mother’s sweet foods, as her mother’s motivation to exercise more diligently.

“My mother finally lost weight, but I didn’t. But I didn’t give up, luckily it was all a success,” continued Latrice from America. Latrice admits that losing 45 kg makes her much healthier.

“Now that I maintain this weight, I still eat vegetables and fruits. Exercise also four times a week,” he continued.

According to him maintaining weight is much more difficult than dieting. But he is proud, because his body feels healthier and has energy.

Latrice invites everyone who wants to lose weight, to try discipline and find a diet that is suitable for their body condition.

“The key is to believe in yourself,” he suggested.

As for the mother, he did not explain how much weight the mother lost. But the mother admitted that now her diet is much healthier, she also limits her intake of sweet foods until her blood sugar levels are more stable.

Not only Latrice who managed to lose 45 kg. Previously there was a woman named Lilie Monro in England, who successfully lost weight to 45 kg by stopping eating fast food.

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