Ngabuburit at Pos Bloc Jakarta, Here are 5 Activities You Can Do


While waiting for iftar time, travelers can stop at Pos Bloc Jakarta. There are various fun activities that you can do.

Pos Bloc is located in the Pasar Baru area, Central Jakarta. Occupying the former Philatelic Building, Pos Bloc provides the sensation of historical tourism and the creative economy.

This place is classified as a hit location for young people and families. They feel at home there because of the serene atmosphere.

Then, what activities can be done there?

1. Shop creative economy products to antiques

Photo: Via Bata Via

At Pos Bloc, travelers will find various shops selling eco-products. Starting from clothes, bags, sandals, and other knick-knacks sold there.

In addition, a mini version of M Bloc Market is also available at Pos Bloc. So a traveler who wants to buy unique local food, can immediately go there.

Another interesting shop in Pos Bloc is the Via Bata Via antique shop. This shop is actually an intermediary between the owner and the antique buyers.

Various items from the past, ranging from radios, televisions, to swords were sold there. The price also varies from under IDR 50 thousand to tens of millions.

2. Hunt for Instagramable photos

Post Block JakartaPos Bloc Photo: (Tasya Khairally/detikcom)

Coming to Pos Bloc, you must take pictures with the background of the building that gives a classic and old impression. In Pos Bloc, there are many good spots for photos that will beautify your Instagram feed.

3. Study history

The building used by Pos Bloc is a relic of the Netherlands and was once the largest post office in the Dutch East Indies.

Travelers can see marble floors that are still intact. Likewise with the stained glass that looks elegant adorning the walls of the building.

There the traveler can also find a large safe that was once used to store valuables. Then there are postal drawers that are still intact.

4. Hanging out in the stands

Post Block JakartaTribune at Pos Bloc Jakarta. Photo: (Tasya Khairally/detikcom)

An activity that you can also do at Pos Bloc is sitting on a bench in the stands which is located in the main room of the building. This stand is equipped with a power outlet, so it is also suitable for work.

5. Capture the moment in Photomatics

Post BlocPhotomatics Pos Bloc. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Travelers are required to take pictures in the old-school photobox called Photomatics. The uniqueness of Photomatics is, you can choose filters like old photos. For the price, you need to spend Rp. 29 thousand.

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