Newest LED Projector Energy Saving and Brighter

LED is an abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode which is one of many types of semiconductor devices that emit light when an electric current passes through them.

Over time, LED technology continues to develop. One of the companies that pioneered LED technology is ViewSonic Corp.

As a global visual solutions provider, ViewSonic Corp introduces Lamp Free LED projector the latest, the LS500WHE aimed at the enterprise and education markets.

Lamp-free projector The LS500WHE is an industry-leading 3rd generation LED technology. Lamp-free projector This new model offers higher brightness and an energy-efficient design that promises to consume less power, longer life and better sustainability.

A pioneer in LED technology for projection, ViewSonic adopted the Lamp Free LED projector. A technological shift that is increasingly prevalent in visual products and solutions.

“ViewSonic is a pioneer in the development of LED technology for projection and has made a breakthrough as the LED projector brand no. 2 in the world for 3 years, and in Indonesia being the number one LED projector brand,” said Eko Handoko, Country Manager of ViewSonic Indonesia at a press conference in Jakarta, Wednesday (29/6).

“Through the launch of the LS500WHE LED projector, we are expanding our LED projector products into the business and education sectors,” said Eko.

“With this 3rd generation LED technology, we hope to be able to provide a solution projector All-in-one LED with higher brightness, more energy efficiency and ease of maintenance for customers in various segments.

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The latest 3rd Generation LED technology delivers a breakthrough in brightness levels and energy savings with support LED drivers and state-of-the-art optical engines.

The LED LS500WHE projector also delivers an incredible 3,000 ANSI Lumens of brightness consistently, in both bright and dim conditions.

“With 125% Rec.709 color range, second projector presenting realistic visuals with high contrast performance,” said Eko.

In addition, the LS500WHE LED projector is a safe and environmentally friendly solution, reducing power consumption by nearly 50% compared to projector traditional use of lights.

The lifespan of these third-generation LEDs is up to 30,000 hours eliminating the need for lamp replacement, reducing the need for continuous maintenance.

“Because the LED light source is mercury-free, it can reduce exposure to toxic chemical waste that is harmful to the environment and humans,” he said. (RO/OL-09)

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