New Tourism in Pangandaran, Curug Cipuringgis


There is a hidden waterfall and not many people know about it. This waterfall is cool and beautiful, the name is Curug Cipuringgis. Just opened a month ago.

Location of Curug Cipuringgis

Curug Cipuringgis is located in Putrapinggan Village, Kalipucang District. To get to the location of Curug Cipuringgis a traveler can go to the Pangandaran-Kalipucang main road for about 30 minutes.

But don’t be surprised if the road access to get there is a little difficult. Uphill, downhill and winding is the challenge.

Travel fatigue will be cured when we arrive at the destination. The atmosphere is still cool and beautiful, and the beautiful view of the waterfall is the main treat.

Curug Cipuringgis manager Dayu Umbara said the height of Curug Cipuringgis was about 35 meters.

Curug Cipuringgis Photo: (Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikcom)

“Underneath there is a pool that can be used as a place to swim,” he said.

The depth of the pool can be up to 3 meters. “So for visitors to be more careful, because the depth can change,” he explained.

They can rent tires to the manager, if they want to swim in Curug Cipuringgis.

“We only take the income from the rental of tires, there is also a kencleng in front,” he said.

Curug CipurunggisCurug Cipuringgis Photo: (Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikcom)

There is also very suitable to be used as a botram place, especially around it, there are many trees that are still beautiful. “Later on, we will add facilities here, we will also improve access,” he said.

One of the visitors, Nenden Suhendi (34) praised the beauty of Curug Cipuringgis. “Be cool, here used to be rice fields,” he said.

This waterfall, which was only opened a month ago, has started to be visited by many local tourists. A community leader at Curug Cipuringgis Haerudin (60) said that the area used to be the plantation area of ​​Tuan Cerman and the Dutch era rice fields that had been contracted.

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