NEVV from Indonesia Wins at the Tencent Cloud Global V+ Challenge

A world-class ACHIEVEMENT was successfully inscribed by one of the Indonesian startups, PT. Electronic Sports Indonesia (ESID) through the platform it developed called NEVV.

This platform managed to occupy the second runner-up position after eliminating other digital technology-based innovative works from around the world who competed for excellence in the Tencent Cloud Global V+ Challenge.

The V+ Challenge is designed to empower entrepreneurs and business people from all industry sectors while expanding their digital knowledge and experience. Companies competing in this prestigious event are required to present their business plans and product developments, as well as innovate based on Tencent Cloud’s high-quality audio and video cloud technology.

The points that will be assessed include how the products and services developed are able to bring change and impact in the industry, then innovation in products, applications and services, the value of the product or service for its users, how big the market potential is and how strong the competitiveness of the product is. or services on the market.

Plus the uniqueness of the business model, product planning, scalability of future technology development, to the assessment of the competence, background and professionalism of the team.

“This award is very proud and motivates us to continue to innovate to provide digital solutions needed by the industry,” said Christian Suryadi, CEO of ESID in a written statement received by, Monday (18/4).

“NEVV is a meta esports platform that we developed to meet the needs of gamers through various esports events, content creators, e-commerce gaming, social media, tokens, and gamification. We also design NEVV as an effective marketing channel for business people or brand owners in order to reach the target audience that is being targeted,” continued Christian Suryadi.

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As the second runner-up winner, ESID received a prize in the form of a US$10,000 credit to take advantage of Tencent Cloud services, so that NEVV is expected to support the accelerated growth of the esports ecosystem and digital economy in Indonesia.

While the main winner Alango from Israel. First runner-up: Kotic Bilisim Inc from Turkey, second runner-up is NEVV developed by PT Electronic Sports Indonesia (ESID) from Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the winner of The Use Case Innovation Award is Incus Company Limited from Hong Kong and the winner of the Technology Innovation Award is Ionnex from Malaysia. (N-1)

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