Netizens are furious to see supermarket employees in China trampling on frozen food


Openly stepping on frozen food that is still being sold in supermarkets, this supermarket employee’s action made netizens in China furious. Here’s the story.

Maintaining the cleanliness and quality of the food sold is certainly a procedure for every employee in a supermarket. But the case is different with this Chinese supermarket employee.

Reporting from the South China Morning Post (19/02), an employee at a supermarket in Jiangsu, China, was caught blatantly trampling on frozen food with his shoe. The woman was seen installing the latest promo brochures on the refrigerator.

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Instead of using another way to put up the flyer, the unidentified employee casually entered the refrigerator. His feet stepped on the frozen food with his dirty shoes.

This action was recorded by a supermarket visitor who was shocked to see the employee’s behavior. Even the employee had time to sit on a glass cupboard filled with food while sticking a brochure there.

Of course, some supermarket visitors immediately criticized after seeing this. But the supermarket defended the employee by saying that the employee did not step on the food immediately.

Netizens are furious to see supermarket employees in China trampling on frozen food Photo: SCMP

“Our employees don’t step on the food directly. There is plastic covering the food. It’s just not visible in the video,” defended a supermarket representative.

Ironically, above the refrigerator there is a reading that all frozen food sold there is nutritious and sold in accordance with applicable health protocols.

The supermarket employee is said to have received a warning for this behavior. And all frozen food in that section has been cleaned and thrown away.

But netizens are already angry and criticized this incident all out.

“If the employees there are not recorded, they will definitely continue to do this. It’s a shame that the buyers who have bought these foods are very unlucky,” said one netizen.

“They really don’t care about food hygiene because they know they won’t be eating the food,” continued another netizen.

“This is just what it looks like. But imagine what they do to baby milk products, vegetables, drinks and all other food products behind us,” concluded another netizen.

Until now this case is still being investigated further by the supermarket concerned.

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