Neduh Together, These Passengers Treat Ojol Drivers To Eat Meatballs Together


Take an online motorcycle taxi and get caught in the rain. This customer decided to stay at the meatball stall, while treating the meatball ojol driver to eat with him.

Actions of kindness can be started anywhere and anytime. Starting from the smallest things to the big good. Like the story shared by a Twitter user @sanitybehavior (28/02), who is familiarly called J.

He told me that he took one of the online motorcycle taxis and got caught in the rain in the middle of the road. Finally he decided to take shelter and invite the online motorcycle taxi driver (ojol), to eat meatballs with him so he can make friends.

“Take a Go-Jek in the rain, cold, hungry. Invite his father to eat so he has friends,” J wrote, complete with a photo of himself eating meatballs with an ojol driver who smiled kindly at him.

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This photo was taken at the Sari Bakso Iga stall in the Bintaro area. This stall is famous for its delicious menu of meatballs, chicken noodles and meatball ribs.

Unexpectedly, this tweet went viral in a matter of hours.

Neduh Together, This Passenger Treats Ojol Driver To Eat Meatballs Together Photo: Twitter @sanitybehavior/Site News

Confirmed by detikFood, J admitted that he had asked permission first before taking a photo of the ojol driver who ate with him.

“If anyone thinks why in the photo, honestly, I’ve asked permission from his father. Then I think it’s the same thing that captures the moment of eating with friends. I’m surprised that it can be crowded,” he explained.

In response to this, many netizens praised J’s kindness.

“Can we normalize things like this? So that there will be more goodness in this world. I like it, I like it,” praised @tea**.

“The driver immediately smiled really sincerely. It’s like we reflexively want to cry, but we have to stay cool, wkwkwk, from the father, you must think that you are healthy, sis, the sustenance will be smooth,” continued @mon**.

There are also many ojol drivers who share stories of the kindness of passengers who like to invite them to eat, and share food.

“I used to take ojol. Brought passengers from home to break the fast. When I arrived, I was even given my luggage and filled it with food packages. At that time I really thanked the lady. I hope you are healthy. I can’t reply ,” said @abad***.

“I’ve also brought customers from house to apartment. Maybe from their parents’ house they brought about 1 kg of eggs. I’ve arrived at the destination apartment, instead it was given to me. He said he was lazy to cook. Thank God, if he has his sustenance, it won’t go anywhere,” concluded @tur **.

So far, there are more than 130.7 thousand Twitter users who like this tweet, equipped with 11.9 thousand retweets and tens of thousands of comments.

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