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Nasi Lemak Ranks Below Indonesian Chicken Porridge, Malaysian Netizens Protest


Everyone will defend their country’s food. Like Malaysian netizens, who protested because nasi lemak ranks under chicken porridge from Indonesia.

Southeast Asia has food that is familiar and of course loved by many people. So one global site called TasteAtlas, tried to rank the delicious foods in Southeast Asia. Covers food from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines to Indonesia.

Reporting from SAYS (14/03), many Malaysian netizens were upset after nasi lemak which became the national food in their country only got a rating of 3.9 with the label ‘OK’, which means this food is delicious but ordinary.

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Likewise, the popular Singaporean food, namely chili crab or a dish of crab with spicy sauce also has a triple value.

While the Philippines, has the highest rating with Shanghai lumpiang food and tortang talong. Lumpiang itself is a twin version of spring rolls that exist in Indonesia. The difference is that the Shanghai lumpiang is made from a mixture of minced pork, sliced ​​onions, carrots and pepper before being wrapped in spring roll skin.

Nasi Lemak Ranks Under Indonesian Chicken Porridge, Malaysian Netizens Protest Photo: TasteAtlas/Facebook/Food

Then for tortang talong, this dish is an omelette using eggplant served with oyster soy sauce and sliced ​​chili. These two foods from the Philippines managed to get a score of 4.8 with the label ‘best’ or the best food.

This ranking also includes chicken porridge from Indonesia, a favorite dish for Indonesians at breakfast. Blend of shredded chicken, yellow gravy, peanuts, cakwe to soy sauce crackers and chili sauce. Indonesian chicken porridge got a score of 4.7 with a ‘best’ rating as well.

Apart from that, there are also other Indonesian dishes, such as chicken satay which gets a rating of 4.2 and pickled cucumbers with a rating of 3.2.

However, what makes Malaysian netizens angry is that the nasi lemak rating is below Indonesian chicken porridge. In addition, only one food from Malaysia was selected, while Indonesia had three of the total 12 foods selected by TasteAtlas.

Nasi Lemak Ranks Below Indonesian Chicken Porridge, Malaysian Netizens ProtestIndonesian style chicken porridge. Photo Protest: TasteAtlas/Facebook/Food

“The fact that chicken porridge is in the top three shows that TasteAtlas’s ranking sucks. I eat chicken porridge when I’m sick, this food is only comfort food,” commented one Facebook user from Malaysia.

“As a Malaysian, I don’t mind having nasi lemak labeled as ‘OK’. Because the taste of nasi lemak is different in every restaurant and place to eat. But what’s with the chicken porridge in the top rankings? it’s tasteless food. This is the same as giving a 4.5+ rating for oats,” another Malaysian netizen criticized.

Responding to this criticism, Indonesian netizens immediately retaliated and defended the chicken porridge which was called a bland and ordinary food by Malaysian netizens.

“Chicken porridge from Indonesia is not as bland as people think. There is curry sauce, soy sauce, chili sauce and various toppings, such as shredded fried chicken, cakwe, satay satay, prawn crackers, salted eggs and many more. It tastes good and is a favorite breakfast menu for many people, so maybe that’s the reason why the rating is high,” defended a netizen from Indonesia.

Still not to be outdone, some netizens say that this rating is not objective. Because nasi lemak tends to have a spicy taste from the sambal, and Westerners don’t like spicy taste, that’s why they don’t choose nasi lemak at the top.

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