Nasi Kapau Using Mentai Sauce and Salted Egg Triggers the Pros and Cons of Netizens


Different from others, this outlet offers rice kapa currently using mentai and salted egg. This is how netizens reacted.

Nasi Kapau is a typical Minang cuisine. At first glance, Nasi Kapau does look like Nasi Padang. However, both have differences in the types of side dishes.

For example the side dish rendang. If at Padang restaurants, rendang is usually made of beef, then at Nasi Kapau restaurants there are various variants of rendang.

Starting from beef rendang, chicken rendang, and rendang daka-daka. For the seasoning, Nasi Kapau is usually served with Kapau curry made from bamboo shoots, radishes and long beans.

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Modern rice kapau Photo: TikTok @cewekdoyanmakan

This combination produces an authentic taste. However, recently there were many outlets that offer Nasi Kapau with a more contemporary variant.

As shared by a food vlogger with the account @cewekdoyanmakan. In the video, he shows the appearance of the present Nasi Kapau.

One serving of Nasi Kapau consists of rice, cassava leaves, red chili sauce, green chili sauce and rendang seasoning. Then he added mentai sauce.

“This is really unique and this is the first time I’ve tried it. It turns out that this is a really delicious combination. The rendang is savory and tender and the mentai is really delicious,” he said.

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Modern kapau riceModern rice kapau Photo: TikTok @cewekdoyanmakan

In addition, they also offer a side dish in the form of pop salted egg chicken. The pop chicken, which is usually white in color, is then covered in a creamy salted egg.

It was confirmed that detikFood (18/05) the outlet was named Kapau Sultan’s son. This Nasi Kapau outlet already has many branches in the area.

The presence of the present Kapau rice then raises the pros and cons of netizens. Some are curious to taste and some say it is not suitable.

“It’s an interesting idea, so I want to try it,” wrote a netizen.

“Now do you give mentai or salted egg? It’s scary that the original taste is gone, Kapau rice or Padang rice is the best original,” wrote another netizen.

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