Must Stop! The Legendary Bandung Purnama Coffee…


Bandung has a legendary coffee shop. Shop Full Moon.

Kopi Purnama is located at Jalan Alkateri No.22, Braga, Bandung. This shop has been around since 1930.

Travelers are immediately greeted by a simple and ancient building facade when entering this shop. In contrast to most coffee shops that present a modern interior equipped with air conditioning.

“We still maintain the originality of the front of the building since it was built in 1927, then my great-grandfather used it for sale in 1930,” said Aldi Yonas, the manager of the Kopi Purnama shop, which is the fourth generation of Kopi Purnama.

“My great-grandfather was originally from China who had traded sugar apple bread and milk coffee in Medan, then moved and sold in Bandung. Down to the next generation, there were renovations carried out around 2010, but only additions to the smoking area,” Aldi added.

One of the legendary coffees, Kedai Kopi Purnama Bandung on Jalan Alkateri. Photo: Anindyadevi Aurelia

Not only the interior is kept authentic, the menu has also been maintained since the first. Srikaya bread and Kopi Susu are the most popular menus at Kopi Purnama. All the raw materials are made by themselves with a special recipe, this is what makes the texture of the bread so soft combined with sweet and savory srikaya jam. The milk coffee is quite strong, but has the right taste. Not too bitter, too sour, or too sweet.

“We have maintained the menu since 1930, namely srikaya bread and milk coffee, which are processed differently from other cafes. We are also trying to add some contemporary menus such as cassava cheese and cireng salad to attract the younger generation,” said Aldi.

“However, for drinks, we are very careful to keep them authentic, so a contemporary menu like matcha may not be a new menu target for us,” said the 33-year-old man.


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