Musk Sets Rates of IDR 125K per Month for Blue Tick Twitter Accounts

New Twitter owner Elon Musk announced Tuesday that the social media platform will impose a tariff of US$8 (approximately Rp. 125,000) for verified account owners (marked with a blue tick) on the grounds that it will solve the problem of bots and trolls and create new income for the company.

The announcement comes a day after the world’s richest man took control of Twitter in a $44 billion deal.

“Power to the people! Blue for $8/month,” tweeted Musk, who claims to be a right-of-speaker, referring to Twitter’s paid service, Twitter Blue.

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In the new plan, paying customers will get a blue tick in their account, which is a sign of the original account.

Previously, blue ticks were only given to public figures, which Musk denounced as a ‘master and servant’ system.

Musk added that Twitter Blue subscribers will get priority positions in replies, mentions, and search, which he says are critical to beating spam and scams.

“This policy will also provide Twitter with a revenue stream that can reward content creators,” Musk said.

Responding to the concerns of some Twitter users who were concerned that their blue ticks would lose their meaning, Musk announced that he would be setting up a second tick under their name which is a public figure, the same as those given to politicians.

Musk then reportedly plans to remove the blue ticks of Twitter users who refuse to pay the fees he has set. (AFP/OL-1)

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