Museum of Future Dubai, Time Travel to the Year 2071


The Museum of The Future Dubai is called the most beautiful museum in the world. So majestic, this destination seems to take tourists to the future.

The museum which was just inaugurated last Tuesday has an interior that reflects the stunning beauty of the building’s facade. The curved ceiling is white with 3D calligraphy engraving.

Tourists visit the Museum of The Future Dubai Photo: (AP/Kamran Jebreili)

The walls are calligraphic designs, framed by spiral staircases with intricate designs. Inside there is also a capsule-shaped elevator that will help tourists travel into the future.

During the day, the calligraphy will only be illuminated by sunlight from outside that enters the building, but at night, the engraving will glow with LED lights.

According to Khaleej Times, during a media visit to the museum, visitors were greeted by floating silver penguins flying unaided. It turns out that the creature is controlled remotely.

The two-hour tour is divided into five exhibits located on different floors, OSS Hope (Space station), Heal Institute, Al Waha (Oasis), Tomorrow Today and Future Heroes. Tour guides are present in every corner of the museum to help tourists to places they do not know.

1. First Journey: Towards OSS Hope

The journey begins at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Port where Aya, the digital resident of the Museum of The Future appears on screen to greet visitors in the year 2071.

Tourists are welcomed aboard the spacecraft, a replica of NASA’s 1981 plane to take off for OSS Hope, located 600 km above the earth.

After a 4.5-minute flight, visitors see Dubai in 1971 through the airplane window with a stunning view. After docking at OSS Hope, visitors are escorted to the station’s command center where there is a wider view of the moon and galaxy. Here tourists will monitor worrying phenomena and find ways to solve the problems the earth is experiencing.

OSS Hope, named after the five pillars of sustainability, innovation, creativity, humanity and hope, aims to give visitors hope about the future of Dubai and the world and make tourists optimistic about the unknown.

Museum of The Future DubaiMuseum of The Future Dubai Photo: (Museum of The Future)

2. Second Stop: Virtual Forest

Later in the interactive experience, visitors are taken to the station where they can take on roles for six missions, such as ambassador of a mars colony to earth, pilot of an asteroid fleet or junior bio designer in earth orbit. Their faces will be scanned at the station before the figure of the astronaut is displayed on the screen.

From there, tourists land again in Dubai, at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Port with a mission to save the earth’s ecosystem.

Visitors continue their second stop at the Heal Institute, which applies cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality technologies. There visitors are introduced to the incredible digital Amazon Jungle.

They headed to the DNA library ‘Vault of Life’, which features 2,400 specimens in different colored jars where visitors can study different species and understand the damage caused by climate change is putting some species at risk of extinction.

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