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Most Eat at AYCE Restaurant, This Man Falls asleep


This man is full of food at a restaurant with the All You Can Eat or AYCE concept. He fell asleep soundly in the restaurant chair.

AYCE restaurant with hotpot menu, to grilled meat is popular as a filling place to eat. Because here the visitors can take various types of food they want as much as they want. Starting from a variety of meat, vegetables, side dishes, and much more.

However, because of the effect of eating as much as you can, people feel full more easily and fall asleep more easily. There was even a man who went viral, because he fell asleep at one of the famous hotpot restaurants after eating AYCE there.

From the video uploaded by Instagram @makassar_iinfo, it appears that one of the visitors to the hotpot restaurant, suspected to be Haidilao Hot Pot in China, seems to be fast asleep on a sofa chair with food containing meat, fruits and drinks still on the dining table.

Seeing the visitor fast asleep on the restaurant sofa, the two restaurant employees tried to wake him up using Mandarin. The two of them had trouble waking the man up, because the man looked sound and comfortable sleeping on the restaurant chair.

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Most Eat at AYCE Restaurant, This Man Falls asleep Photo: Instagram/Site News

It was only after being woken up again that the man woke up and was surprised to realize that he was still in the restaurant. Then he immediately walked absentmindedly out of the sofa until he dropped a few pieces of watermelon that he had not had time to eat.

Many netizens thought that this man fell asleep because he was full after eating hotpot there. As is known, Haidilao hotpot restaurant often makes AYCE promos or packages that pamper visitors with a variety of delicious food to their heart’s content.

Even though this video took place in China, many Indonesian netizens made funny and entertaining comments.

“Maybe (the man) is a boarding house kid. Want to continue for lunch and dinner,” joked @er**.

“It’s true that after eating, you feel sleepy, but it doesn’t get like this, wkwkwk,” continued @sal**.

“Maybe he was waiting for his friend, who said he would go out for a while to take money at the ATM,” wrote @ag**.

“Definitely told Ayang after eating to sleep immediately,” said @as**.

This video has been watched hundreds of thousands of times, and has received hundreds of likes and comments from netizens. Previously, there was also a unique story of restaurant diners eating AYCE. Because she didn’t want to lose, this woman ate so much sushi at the AYCE restaurant that she had to go to the hospital.

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