Morning Coffee in Singkawang, Try Tiam Rusen Coffee which was founded in 1955


No vacation to Singkawang is complete if you haven’t tasted the delicious coffee. Try coffee at Tiam Rusen Coffee which is very legendary and the building is iconic!

Standing right across from the Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Vihara, makes Tiam Rusen Coffee a very strategic location for tourists. No wonder this coffee shop is always busy, from morning to night.

detikTravel visited Tiam Rusen Coffee a few days before the Chinese New Year celebration in Singkawang. Morning is the right time to come here. A cup of coffee from Tiam Rusen’s flagship coffee will make you more enthusiastic about going through the day.

I ordered warm milk coffee. Deftly, the shop assistant prepared my order. The ceramic glass that will be used is soaked first in a pot of hot water.

A moment later, the jet black liquid had moved from the filter into the glass that had been sterilized earlier. Don’t forget to add sweet thick and a spoonful of sugar to it. Be a cup of delicious milk coffee that I will enjoy that morning.

Tiam Rusen Coffee Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

As a friend to drinking coffee, we ordered steamed mantau which is eaten by dipping it into a thick sweet sauce. Oh, it’s delicious!

Tiam Rusen Coffee is the oldest coffee shop in Singkawang. This shop building has existed since 1955. Previously, this two-story building was not intended for a coffee shop, but an inn called the Rusen Inn.

Tiam Rusen CoffeeTiam Rusen Coffee Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Photos when Tiam Rusen Coffee was still an inn can be seen on the 2nd floor of the shop building. Old school photos are also still on full display, a traveler who loves vintage atmosphere will definitely feel pampered when hanging out at Kopi Tiam Rusen.

One of them is Anugrah, a resident of Sambas who happens to be having morning coffee at Kopi Tiam Rusen. He admits that he likes the vintage atmosphere, so it’s perfect for coffee at Tiam Rusen Coffee.

“This is a really old school place, so we are like flashbacks of the past. I happen to like it a bit vintage, so I’m really happy,” said Anugrah

Travelers who are interested in having coffee here, do not need to spend deeply because the price is still relatively cheap. A cup of coffee at Tiam Rusen Coffee starts from only IDR 8,000.

Tiam Rusen Coffee is open from 06.00 to 23.00 WIB. Travelers who vacation to Singkawang feel like they must try coffee here!

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