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MOBA League of Ancients in Collaboration with Indonesian Game Developers

AFTER a week of curiosity through social media, League of Ancients, a 5v5 blockchain technology MOBA developed by Mithotech Ltd., has finally revealed its newest game developer partner. Namely, Anantarupa Studios – a company in Jakarta that is already well-known for developing the first eSports Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) in Indonesia.

Through this partnership, League of Ancients will leverage Anantarupa Studios’ game development expertise while maintaining control over the game’s creative direction and Web3 development. This collaboration aims to make League of Ancients a MOBA game ready to enter the eSports category on iOS and Android in Q4 2022.

“By leveraging the existing Anantarupa game engine, we have saved up to 3 years of development time and can focus on refining the crypto aspects and eSports integration of the game. Nothing like this has ever been done before, and we hope this collaboration will prepare us to launch an extraordinary game,” said Dwayne Ong, Project Lead of League of Ancients, in a statement, Friday (18/1).

League of Ancients aims to create the first eSports-oriented, free-to-play and play-to-earn MOBA game on Binance Smart Chain. By targeting the MOBA community, League of Ancients reaches 250 million viewers worldwide, offering them the opportunity to play while enjoying the games they love.

League of Ancients will also be holding its final public NFT skin presale with a date to be confirmed soon via its social media channels. This will be the last chance for fans to directly purchase the limited NFT skin. A total of 95 percent of NFTs were sold during the pre-sale round in early December 2021, with the limited edition tier selling out in just 5 seconds. More than 150,000 NFT skins have been sold. That makes for an impressive notch, considering that this happened about a year before the game’s tentative launch.

Meanwhile, players will be given a large selection of heroes to play for free. Owning those NFT skins will unlock play-to-earn capabilities, which value players’ time and effort even more. In line with blockchain technology, this NFT skin will be owned by players, and can be traded at will.

Fans who missed out during the presale can still purchase NFT skins from other players who registered them in the NFT Marketplace League of Ancients, which will launch at the end of Q1 2022. The marketplace offers NFT skins at prices that depend on supply and demand, potentially generating high spikes. after the skim sold out on presale. (OL-13)