Missing Indonesian Food, Nikita Willy Tastes Balinese Mixed Rice in LA


Having lived abroad for a long time, Nikita Willy has longed for Indonesian specialties. Lucky he found the rice wrap when culinary at the food market.

It was later discovered that artist Nikita Willy was living in Los Angeles with her husband, Indra Priawan, ahead of the birth of their first child.

During their stay there, they often shared their fun through the Nikita Willy Official YouTube channel. In her latest video, Nikita Willy reveals her longing for Indonesian culinary.

Nikita and her husband also went on a culinary tour in the food market area in Los Angeles. The food market is known as Smorgasburg which has many outlets with various types of food and drinks.

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Nikita WIlly culinary rice wraps in LA Photo: YouTube Nikita Willy Official

How surprised Nikita Willy was when she found a food outlet that offered Indonesian specialties. “Here they sell a lot of food from various places and there is Indonesian food,” he said.

The Indonesian food outlet named Good Wrap. There offers culinary in the form of Balinese mixed rice. Besides mixed rice, there are also other menus such as layer cakes and ice cendol.

“There is wrapped rice, there is chili sauce, there is a layer cake and the queue is quite large,” said Nikita Willy.

Nikita and Indra then ordered a portion of mixed rice. The mixed rice is packaged using paper just like the rice wrap in Indonesia. The rice comes with various side dishes and sambal.

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Nikita WIlly culinary rice wrap in LANikita WIlly also eats lobster Photo: YouTube Nikita Willy Official

According to this woman who was born in 1994, the rice wrap tastes good. It’s just that the spice taste is not as strong as the mixed rice in Bali.

“But still delicious and enough to reduce the feeling of missing Indonesian food,” said Nikita Willy.

Besides enjoying mixed rice, Nikita Willy together with Indra Priawan and his friends also enjoyed several other culinary delights. Starting from lobster, shrimp rice, donuts, croissants and ice cream.

Nikita’s video while enjoying rice wrap in Los Angeles was immediately flooded with comments. Many netizens applaud the simplicity of Nikita Willi and Indra Priawan.

“I always like what is, never flex. Anyway, the definition of a knowledgeable and humble person is Nikita Willy and Indra Priwan. Do you still want to eat packaged rice,” wrote a netizen.

“Wow, it turns out that Balinese mixed rice is being sold abroad. It looks delicious, btw, I hope Nikita’s birth goes smoothly,” wrote another netizen.

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