Misguided Sex Mountain, This is the History of Prince Samudro on Mount Kemukus


The stigma of free sex rituals often haunts Mount Kemukus in East Java. Now that it has been cleaned up, the traveler is again reminded of the story of Prince Samudro.

In the past, the name Mount Kemukus in Sragen was known as a place of worship seeking wealth. One thing that makes the worship of Mount Kemukus famous, namely the ritual of adulterous sex not with a partner in that place as a condition for obtaining wealth.

It is said that if you want to get rich you have to commit adultery 7 times, then after that there are other rituals. Ritual sex is usually done on Friday pounds.

Changes in the Mount Kemukus tourist area, Sunday (12/26/2021). Photo: Andika Tarmy

However, slowly the stigma began to be abandoned after the area was renovated and looked different in early 2022. Collected detikTravelFriday (11/2/2022), various efforts were made by the Sragen Regency Government to remove the stigma in the Mount Kemukus tourist attraction.

Finally, the central government through the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of PUPR poured funds of Rp. 48 billion to organize the tourist area in Pendem Village, Sumberlawang District.

“Hopefully New Kemukus will become a comfortable tourist attraction for families and pilgrims. The arrangement since October 2020, it is hoped that January 2022 will be completed,” said the person in charge of Mount Kemukus Tourism Object, Marcellus Suparno, when met secondsCentral Java in his office, Sunday (26/12).

With a fund of Rp 48 billion, Kemukus was completely overhauled from the entrance to the location of Prince Samudro’s tomb. To attract visitors, on the side of the Solo-Purwodadi road (access to the Kemukus tourist area) there are now two towering buildings with large ornaments bearing the orange Mount Kemukus.

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