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Microsoft-Prestasi Junior Indonesia Holds Webinar Introducing Cybersecurity for Women

DATA The Future of Jobs Report 2020 from the World Economic Forum includes information security analyst (one of the jobs in the cyber security field) in the list of 10 jobs that are projected to experience increased demand from the industrial world over the next few years.

Unfortunately, the International Information System Security Certification Consortium study in 2021 says there are 2.72 million cybersecurity professional gaps worldwide with 52% of them in the Asia Pacific region. The study also highlights the low number of female workers in cybersecurity, which is estimated at only 25% globally.

Executive Director of Prestasi Junior Indonesia, Nico Kiroyan, said that the research provided a new aspiration for women that they had many opportunities to fill gaps in the world of cybersecurity work.

Therefore, Microsoft and Prestasi Junior Indonesia will hold an online job readiness education seminar entitled “Women in Cybersecurity” for Indonesian high school/vocational and female students, Saturday, March 13. The seminar will facilitate students to recognize the intricacies of the future needs of the cybersecurity industry and explore and develop the basic skills needed from school.

“We are excited to develop an impactful partnership with Microsoft Indonesia whose commitment is in line with our mission and Junior Achievement globally in preparing young people to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow,” he said,

In addition to the lack of cybersecurity professionals, the awareness and ability of the Indonesian people in digital security and personal data protection is also still relatively low. Data from the Ministry of Communication and Information shows that there are still many people who upload photos of identity cards (38.9%) and include their personal cellphone numbers (61%) on social media and cannot identify emails containing spam/viruses (51.5%).

This should be watched out for considering that attacks on identity are one of the most common cyber crimes. In 2021 alone, Microsoft detected and blocked 35.7 billion malicious emails and 25.6 billion account authentication hijack attempts globally.

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“The acceleration of digital transformation begins with trust in cybersecurity. No company or country can win this cybersecurity battle alone. Therefore, collaboration across organizations and sectors plays an important role. Through Women in Cybersecurity, we hope to strengthen a digital ecosystem that is able to support cybersecurity, by paying attention to inclusiveness and diversity,” said Nina Wirahadikusumah, Business Strategy Director at Microsoft Indonesia.

The Women in Cybersecurity educational seminar will present a number of inspiring resource persons who are ready to share real knowledge and experiences about cybersecurity. Microsoft Indonesia Security Sales Specialist Desi Budi Susanto Modern Work and Security Business Group Lead Microsoft Indonesia Wahjudi Purnama will explain the job market landscape in the cyber security sector and the steps to prepare yourself to become a cyber security professional.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Indonesia Senior Cyber ​​Security & Compliance Consultant Fransiskus Indromojo will explain the various cyber security threats that often occur to women and practical steps to avoid them.

Three female figures who have been in the world of cybersecurity will also be there to inspire students. They are Lily Wongso, Senior Vice President Enterprise Security of PT Bank Central Asia Lily Wongso, CEO of Xynexis International Eva Noor, and Tiket.com IT Security Engineer Sarah Srajatun Durry.

Open to the public, this Women in Cybersecurity educational seminar can be watched live on the Prestasi Junior Indonesia YouTube channel. Not only that, students and all Indonesian digital talents can also continue to explore cybersecurity and other digital skills independently through Indonesia Learning Microsoft Cloud.

“Participation in this activity can increase their awareness and knowledge about safe practices in cyberspace and motivate them to develop competence and have a career in cybersecurity. This will later help increase the inclusivity and diversity of talent in strengthening Indonesia’s cybersecurity sector in the future. , “said Mohamad Ikro., Director of Cyber ​​Security and Password Policy for the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency. (RO/OL-7)