Metaverse World for Environmental Protection and Carbon Rights

GODS Flame Digital Co Ltd announced that they are becoming a strategic partner with Ding Chen Carbon Asset Management Co Ltd and will issue a public chain of carbon rights and develop the metaverse world. Since Ding Chen Carbon obtained the carbon rights, the blockchain technology development rights and carbon distribution rights will be transferred to the strategic partner Gods Flame Digital.

There is only one earth for us. Since the 19th century, humans have continuously produced large amounts of carbon dioxide for manufacturing and production, resulting in a sharp increase in the greenhouse effect. The Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997. Its main objectives are to reduce climate warming and set targets for reducing greenhouse gases. “Therefore, protecting the earth and regenerating forests are the main tasks of sustainable management of the Earth,” said General Manager of Ding Chen Carbon, Jack Yao, in a written statement, Tuesday (1/3).

General Manager of Gods Flame Digital, Lin Zhifan, said that his party is very enthusiastic to be a strategic partner with Ding Chen Carbon and be a part of protecting the earth. In the future, in addition to the development and development of a public chain of carbon rights, in addition to publishing, it will develop a metaverse world dedicated to the close relationship between environmental protection and carbon rights. Part of the proceeds, he continued, will be reinvested in environmental protection resources, so that the virtual world and the real world can actually build bridges and become an endless cycle.

The technical application scope of blockchain is not limited to digital asset trading, e-commerce, supply chain tracking and other industries. The field of environmental protection is also one of the projects that have been successfully implemented in recent years. Specific pricing of financial products because some countries or companies have certain upper limits on their carbon emissions, so any excess or remaining carbon rights can be converted into equivalent tonnes of carbon dioxide (tCO2e) for trading.

As companies and even countries need a transparent, fair and open platform for trading carbon rights, the current characteristics of blockchain such as immutability, transparency, openness and traceability, are well suited for applications in carbon trading. In the future, Gods Flame Digital will build a fair, open and transparent platform based on blockchain technology through communication and smart contract deals. Apart from protection, it also allows the related supervisory units to monitor related transactions more easily.

Gods Flame Digital assesses that in the future, based on the public chain of carbon rights, a new world of environmental protection metaverse will be created. The environmental protection metaverse will cover community welfare activities, community ecology, NFT asset management, sponsorship and user structure, and will directly integrate blockchain technology (personal authentication, digital asset authentication and virtual currency circulation), through node reward mechanisms, feed modules mining reverse, and environmental protection task reward mode to create a real world of environmental protection.

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Users will no longer be in the future. It’s a lone miner role. After entering the world, he could really become a certain character. Through this mechanism, he will get a reward for completing the task. Some of the related rewards will be reinvested in environmental protection measures, so that the virtual world is no longer a simple interaction. However, the relationship with the real world is related and the related link is generated in a loop that specifically embodies the link between the two worlds. (OL-14)