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McDonald’s Russia Closes, Now Appears ‘McD Russia’ Named Uncle Vanya


McDonald’s Russia decided to close about 850 of its outlets after Russia attacked Ukraine. After this happened, a local Russian restaurant emerged whose logo was very much like McDonald’s (McD) in red and yellow.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine made fast food restaurant chain McD decide to temporarily close its outlets there. This is a form of support for Ukraine.

McD Russia president and CEO Chris Kempczinski said, “We mean (stopping the business) means we can’t ignore the unnecessary human suffering in Ukraine.” Even so, he guarantees that he will continue to pay his 62,000 employees in Russia.

Close news McD Russia has also become world news, especially Russian citizens are worried and panicked about this decision. Not a few of them were willing to queue up in the last days of McD’s operation there.

The Russian McD outlet was busy waiting in line because it was going to stop operating. Photo: Getty Images via Mirror

There are also those who spend tens of millions of rupiah just to buy tens of McD burgers. Netizens apparently don’t hesitate to make the McD burger stock food stored in the refrigerator.

Latest, closing effect McD Russia is the emergence of imitation restaurants trying to lure Russian citizens. quote Mothership SG (18/3/2022), the restaurant is named Uncle Vanya.

Reportedly, the manager of the Uncle Vanya restaurant has filed a trademark registration with the Russian authorities. The new logo of the Russian franchise restaurant is the letter ‘B’, but the color selection and shape are very similar to the iconic McD logo.

According to Russian news agency Interfax, this restaurant chain could replace 250 McD outlets in the Russian capital during the year, although none are currently open.

The name Uncle Vanya is taken from the 19th century play of the same name, Uncle Vanya, by Anton Chekhov. Regarding the concept, Uncle Vanya is also reported as a restaurant that uses local raw materials, from Russia.

McDonald's Russia Closes, Now Appears 'McD Russia' Named Uncle VanyaThe logo of a local Russian fast food restaurant, Uncle Vanya, really looks like the McD logo. Photo: Mothership SG/Washington Post

Supporting Uncle Vanya’s presence, the Moscow city council is said to have provided 500 million rubles (approximately Rp. 69.5 billion) to the local Russian fast food restaurant chain.

On the appearance of Uncle Vanya, Vyacheslav Volodin, spokesman for the lower house of the Russian Federal Assembly, said last week that the Russian brand should take over the McDonald’s location.

“They announced they were closing. Well, okay, almost. But tomorrow at that location shouldn’t be McDonald’s, but Uncle Vanya,” he said. “Jobs must be maintained and prices lowered,” he said Washington Post.

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