Maucash and Alodokter Synergize for Customers who Check Health

TALKING about the importance of maintaining health, at the same time we must be sensitive about the health condition of our bodies.

Body health checks are very important for us to do, not only when the body is not feeling fit or tired, but also when we feel we are in a fairly healthy and fit condition.

Moreover, in this current pandemic, it is something that we really have to pay attention to for us to be ‘aware’ of the condition of our own bodies.

In this day and age, many things can be done easily and practically. Wherever we are, with just a gadget, we can do anything from shopping for household needs to consulting health problems with doctors.

This is what Alodokter brought as platform Indonesia’s leading digital healthcare provider.

Present since 2014, Alodokter excels in providing various accurate health information.

Growing rapidly with the best service, in 2022 a form of collaboration emerged from Alodokter with one of the players Fintech P2P Lending the best in Indonesia, namely Maucash.

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The form of collaboration between Maucash and Alodokter is the presence of Maucash which provides attractive offers to all Maucash and Alodokter users, namely a discount of Rp. 15,000 for consultations via chat with specialist doctors.

“For us, this is a very exciting new experience to be able to collaborate with a company that focuses on health such as Alodokter,” said Indra Suryawan as Marketing Director of PT Astra Welab Digital Arta in a press statement, Thursday (7/4).

“It feels good to be able to work with the No.1 digital health platform in Indonesia,” he said.

“Through Maucash who helps Alodokter with the attractive promos offered, I hope our message can be conveyed that being healthy is easy and affordable, and hopefully people can feel helped and made it easier to consult their health problems with doctors,” said Indra.

Maucash and Alodokter’s strong corporate background and credibility are also the main benchmarks for this collaboration to run well.

Known, Maucash is a company Fintech P2P Lending which was established under Astra International, as well as one of Astra Financial’s business units that have been registered and licensed at the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Maucash is present as a Fintech P2P Lending company that offers the public to be able to apply for loan funds of up to 15 million rupiah with the longest loan tenor of 18 months.

100% based on linethe public can apply for a loan only by using an ID card with a maximum time of 1 x 24 hours for liquid funds.

Maucash also focuses on developing information, education, literacy and stands to support the government in increasing the pace of financial inclusion in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Alodokter is platform well-known digital health in Indonesia with more than 30 million active users every month.

With more than 70 thousand doctors joining, Alodokter makes it easy for users with its services that can be accessed by anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

If Maucash stands to participate in increasing financial inclusion in Indonesia, Alodokter is here to facilitate access to health for the community.

“This collaboration is part of Maucash & Alodokter’s commitment to reach more people so that they can access, conduct health consultations at a more affordable price,” said Indra. (RO/OL-09)

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