Matilda House, Singapore’s haunted house that can’t be ‘collapsed’


You may have been to Singapore many times. But did you ever know about haunted house in Singapore this?

Dr. Thirumaran, an academic head of Singapore’s James Cook University, shared his experience as a tourism lecturer. Mystical tourism is one of the important topics in the lecture session.

During teaching, Dr. Thiru also does practice. He and his students often visit the mystical places of Singapore.

“Mystical tourism tours always start at night. The goal is to make participants more sensitive to sound, light and fear,” he said in a zoom meeting of The Rise of Haunted Tourism.

Singapore is synonymous with technology and dazzling city tourism. In fact, mystical tourism has the potential to awaken the other side of Singapore tourism.

Matilda House in Singapore Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

Dr. Thiru mentioned some of the mystical tourist spots he had visited. Which is quite popular among Singaporeans is Matilda House.

“This building has several versions of why it couldn’t be torn down,” said Dr. Thiru in opening the story.

Matilda House is located at Punggoll Walk, Punggol. The building is very near from Soo Teck LRT station.

According to historical records, Matilda House is often called the Awaiting Palace. Built in 1902, Matilda House is occupied by the Irish Cashin family.

The Cashin family is one of the richest in Singapore. The family owned a legal opium business in the 19th century.

This house was a gift from Joseph, to his wife, Josephine Matilda Cashin. Inside there are 6 rooms with magnificent designs. This house is surrounded by horse stables, tennis courts to mango and durian gardens.

With an area of ​​417 square meters, Matilda House is the Cashin family vacation spot on the weekends. Unfortunately, the rays of glory did not last forever for the Cashin family.

In the 1980s, the Singapore Government underwent a series of land acquisitions and acquired over one million square meters of land in Punggol. They displaced farmland and villages, including Cashin’s family.

Matilda House in SingaporeMatilda House in Singapore Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

At that time, the government planned to develop Punggol into a modern city in 1996. However, there was an economic crisis in Singapore in the early 2000s.

Since then, Matilda House cannot be demolished.

“According to stories circulating, there was a time when contractors came. They numbered 6 people and planned to demolish Matilda House,” he said.

They spent the night there hoping to dismantle the house the next day. But morning had not yet come, 5 of them were sick, another worker was hallucinating.

“They were taken to hospital, but unfortunately one person died,” he said.

Since then, no one has dared to tear down Matilda House. Not a few courageous testers who came to see firsthand the paranormal activity there, Dr. Thiru is one of them.

“While I was there, I saw immediately there was a lot of smoke. Even further inside, I smelled a sharp smell like the smell of a corpse,” he admitted.

The test participants had the guts to sleep. From that day on, the mystical tour to Matilda House was closed.

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