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Masha Allah! This is the specialty of grapes, a fruit that is mentioned 14 times in the Koran


Grapes are a special fruit in Islam. This fruit is recorded 14 times in the Koran. Wine was once a special gift of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Consuming wine also seems to be good for health.

There are several fruits that are specifically recorded in the Koran. One of them wine which is even listed dozens of times in the holy book of Islam.

dr. Zaidul Akbar through his Instagram (4/3/2022) explained, if there is a fruit that is mentioned in the Koran, it must have a privilege. Mainly in terms of benefits.

“One of the grapes is mentioned 14 times in the Koran. One of them is in An Nahl’s letter,” said the doctor, who is popular with the Prophet’s Healthy Kick (JSR) method.

“He grows for you with rain water plants; olives, dates, grapes and all kinds of fruit. Surely in that there is really a sign (of Allah’s power) for a people who think.” (Surat an-Nahl: 11)

dr. Zaidul Akbar revealed that grapes are one of the fruits that are high in antioxidants. Grapes are also anticancer, contain high fiber, and enzymes.

dr. Zaidul Akbar explained that grapes are anticancer and contain high fiber. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Radachynskyi

“Even wine is also due to the high sugar content in it, it is said that the Koran can be used to make intoxicating drinks (An-Nahl 67),” wrote the doctor who graduated from Diponegoro University. But of course Muslims should not consume intoxicating wine.

“And from dates and wine, you make intoxicating drinks and good sustenance. Verily in that there is a sign (of Allah’s greatness) for those who think.” (Surah An-Nahl: 67)

Prophet Muhammad SAW had a unique story with wine. He once taught about morals to his friends through wine.

It is said that one day a poor man from the village came with a bowl full of grapes which he wanted to present to the Prophet Muhammad. This poor man was so eager to give gifts to the Prophet Muhammad. He kept the wine and said, “O Messenger of Allah, accept this small gift from me.”

Prophet Muhammad SAW took the grapes and ate them. He even finished a bowl of wine, but this made his friends confused because the Prophet Muhammad was behaving unusually.

Prophet Muhammad SAW used to share food, but this time he didn’t. After the poor man left, then he said, “Don’t you see how happy he is with that bowl (wine)? You know when I eat it, the wine tastes sour. So I’m afraid that if I share it with you, you will show a reaction that will spoil his happiness.”

Masha Allah!  This is the specialty of grapes, a fruit that is mentioned 14 times in the KoranProphet Muhammad once set an example by consuming wine that was given to him by a poor man. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Radachynskyi

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Regarding the health benefits, consume wine good for heart health. Grapes contain flavonoids called quercetin and resveratrol. Both are able to lower blood pressure and can maintain heart health.

Consumption of wine is also good for digestion. This tiny fruit contains magnesium which can be a natural remedy for indigestion.

In addition, the fiber in grapes can also help defecate more smoothly. If you are often constipated, consuming wine can be the solution.

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