Many Celebrities Take Advantage of the Galaxy Z Series

A number of celebrities have tried various features in the Samsung Galaxy Z Series; Galaxy Z Flip4 5G and Galaxy Z Fold4 5G.

Galaxy Z Flip4 5G
Reza Rahardian, Pevita Pearce, and Anya Geraldine found new experiences when using the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G starting from its folded form into a compact, long battery life, reliable product durability to FlexCam.

Pevita Pearce finds the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G fun when creating content because it gives it more space to be creative.

“I took photos using FlexCam. So when I want to make content, I no longer need to use a standee or bother looking for a backrest. Just adjust the FlexCam. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 5G really is here for us to take our contents in a greater way. nightography. The results are still clear, even with minimal lighting,” said Pevita in her statement on Saturday.

In addition, according to Pevita, the background still looks natural. “I have never had this experience on another smartphone. So I can explore more ideas and create more contemporary content using the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G,” he said.

With FlexCam, users can take photos and videos just like using a handycam because they can take photos and videos from various angles more easily.

“This is very useful for capturing ambience footage from various directions for aesthetic content.”

FlexCam can also be used on Instagram which allows users to be more expressive and creative when making stories and reels.

Then, there is Flex Mode which makes it easy for users to get full body shots hands-free.

This feature is equipped with Auto Framing which ensures the device captures the movement of the subject precisely, so users can act as much as possible with smoother video results and stay focused.

This freedom to spill creativity makes Anya Geraldine fall in love with the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G.

“I’m now blogging and sharing more often since using the Galaxy Z Flip 4 because there is a seamless vlogging feature. With a slimmer size than other smartphones, making content really isn’t complicated at all. cooler and different from the others. New with the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G, I feel that the smartphone can be as satisfying as this,” said Anya.

Anya claimed to be satisfied when creating content without having to open the device at all.

With the updated Quick Shot feature on the Cover Screen, users can simply grab the device and swipe the Cover Screen to select photo or video options to make selfie content so practical.

Moreover, now users can get portrait selfies with a more natural blur effect to see previews of photos and videos with various ratios without opening the device.

Interestingly, users can also record seamlessly from Quick Shot when the device is closed to Flex Mode when the device is open without pausing or stopping the video – ideal for users who want to vlog.

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G and Z Flip4 5G with an all-day battery that can accompany users through their daily routines.

Moreover, the support of the advanced Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor makes power consumption more efficient and efficient.

The battery that is so durable is what Reza Rahadian likes the most in his experience using the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G.

“Initially I was worried that using a folding smartphone is safe or not? The Galaxy Z Flip4 has passed the folding test of up to 200,000 times. Imagine how many years it can last. Samsung has made the Flip4 even more sturdy, scratch-resistant, resilient, and water-resistant. So, the durability of this smartphone doesn’t need to be doubted,” said Reza.

According to Reza, although the shape of the Galaxy Z Flip4 is small, it has a large battery life of up to 19 hours. “This means that it is more durable than the previous series. Plus, it already has super-fast charging technology. I charge it for 30 minutes, the battery is 50 percent charged.”

Reza assured that with such a durable battery capacity, plus a stronger body, scratch resistance, shock resistance, and water resistance, this phone is worth relying on for everyday use.

Galaxy Z Fold4 5G
Meanwhile, Darius Sinathrya and Raline Shah appreciate the greatness of the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G screen for multitasking and relaxing watching movies or football matches, playing games, or taking selfies with more detailed camera results both during the day and at night.

For Darius, the slim Galaxy Z Fold4 5G screen is comfortable in the hand when closed, and wider when opened, adding to the convenience when watching, online meetings, reading news, and multitasking, the first reason he switched to a Samsung foldable smartphone.

Galaxy Z Fold4 5G provides a more practical work experience such as using a PC in your hand with a wider Main Screen and thinner bezels, complete with innovative multitasking features.

A larger screen allows users to use Split Screen to open three apps at once more optimally.

“With this Galaxy Z Fold4, what I like is that my favorite apps can be placed on the Task Bar, at the bottom of the screen, just like a PC. Completing several jobs at once is even easier, including shortcuts to open three favorite apps at once. tap with the Apps Pair feature,” said Darius.

The multitasking experience on the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G is even more intuitive with the latest gestures to switch from full screen display to pop-up windows or split screen with just one swipe.

“On the Galaxy Z Fold4, the S Pen can immediately capture the schedule that I have recorded in the notes, and I drop it directly into my calendar,” he added.

Galaxy Z Fold4 5G comes with a new Text Capture feature where users can capture information in images instantly without retyping.

So, when you get a screenshot containing the address, users can directly drag the screenshot to Google Maps to find out its location. In a similar way, users can also create agendas by capturing writings in notes and then dropping them directly into the calendar.

With a variety of developments offered, the S Pen is ideal for users to edit photos to documents, create illustrations, compose minutes from online meetings, or express inspiration instantly.

Meanwhile, Raline Shah was amazed by the sophistication of the seamless multitasking function.

Not only to help with high productivity, the selfie shots with the rear camera and nightography are very stunning and practical for those who also like to travel. This is also the reason for Raline to switch to the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G which helps her to be much more productive in her routine.

“Ever since I used the Galaxy Z Fold4, I have felt much more productive because of the very advanced multitasking features. I purposely took photos in the dark, because the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G already has Nightography capabilities. With sensors and powerful chipsets that make the AI ​​camera even more powerful. sophisticated, the result is as bright as daylight,” said Raline. (Ant/OL-12)

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