Malang City Tour 2022 that is Fun to Visit, What are they?


Malang is one of the favorite cities for tourists in 2022. What are the tourist recommendations that are fun to visit? Let’s see!

Malang Raya is one of the favorite tourist destinations for families. The cool air is the reason people like to stop there. Moreover, the longer, the attractions in Malang Raya are also increasingly diverse.

detikTravel collected, Wednesday (22/6/2022) the following 5 Malang city tours 2022 are fun to visit:

1. Malang Night Paradise

This tourist attraction is suitable for photo hunters to visit. Malang Night Paradise offers the beauty of LED lights that are packaged in various themes.

Coming there is guaranteed to make a traveler satisfied. This is because the tour provides an international standard photo spot.

2. Secret Zoo Stone

Batu Secret Zoo Photo: (Basri/d’Traveler)

Want to invite children to see animals in Malang Raya? Batu Secret Zoo in Batu City is where it is.

Batu Secret Zoo is a zoo located inside Jatim Park 2. There, a traveler will see various types of animals from various countries. Starting from various primates, birds, elephants, to giraffes.

3. Hawaii Waterpark Malang

Playing water in Malang City can be a fun activity to be enjoyed with children. Hawaii Waterpark is a swimming pool with 12 water rides suitable for travelers to visit.

Travelers also don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money because they only need to pay the entrance ticket, you can enjoy all the rides at no additional cost. The entry ticket price is IDR 75,000 on weekdays and IDR 100,000 for weekends.

In addition to providing various rides, there is also a food court area to Instagramable spots. The location of the Hawaii Waterpark is also easy to reach. It is located not far from the Singosari toll exit.

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