Make Kapok! Knock Prices at Food Stalls Until This Restaurant Goes Viral


Knocking on prices is often a mine or a trap for buyers when eating at street stalls to restaurants. Many food prices are unreasonably expensive.

The more often it happens, the more food vendors set the food prices too high suddenly, without the buyer knowing. This phenomenon is better known as the price knock. Most cases of seeing prices go viral on social media, after buyers report this incident.

Where to find prices also vary. Because it doesn’t only happen at street food stalls, where most of the menu prices are not transparent, but it also happens in restaurants where buyers bite their fingers when they see the food bill that comes out. In fact, many incidents of price knocking do not only occur in Indonesia, but in other countries.

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For example, the case of the price knock that had a scene some time ago. This incident did take place in Malaysia, but it went viral in Indonesia. At that time there was a buyer who told the experience of eating white snapper in a restaurant.

This Netizen Gets a Price, Buy 2 White Rice for IDR 197 Thousand! Photo: TikTok @richlife1688 via Mothership SG

He was so surprised when he saw the price of the white snapper turned out to be RM 1,759 or equivalent to Rp 4.1 million. It is natural for this buyer to feel cheated, and feel himself a victim of price knocks.

In addition, there was a case of price knocking that occurred at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore. This five-star hotel, is famous for its high price and has become a tourist icon there. But what surprised a netizen from Singapore was the unreasonable price of white rice.

While staying there, he ordered white rice through room service and the price for one portion was around SGD 8 or Rp. 64 thousand. But he was surprised when paying the bill for white rice it reached SGD 18.83 after being charged the service fee and tax. In total, he had to pay Rp. 197,000 for just two servings of white rice.

In Indonesia, cases of price knocks are becoming more and more common. Like the story of a netizen, who told his experience when traveling to Puncak, Bogor. He stopped by one of the street stalls there. He ordered sweet tea, black coffee and hot tea. The total he had to pay was Rp. 108 thousand. He was also annoyed with the price that makes this give up.

Happening Again!  Tourists Get a Price at Warkop PuncakHappening Again! Tourists Get Priced at Warkop Puncak Photo: Twitter/iStock

Some of the incidents above are just that, from the many cases of price knocking that have occurred and social media viral lately. Many buyers have given up on themselves, after becoming victims of price knocks when eating at restaurants to street stalls.

In this review, detikFood will discuss about the price knock incident experienced by many people. As well as the experience of those who have to pay extra expensive food above the normal price. So keep an eye on all the full articles only on detikFood!

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