Make Indonesia Friendly in the Digital World

Internet users in Indonesia are increasing every year. This growth must be followed by mastery of digital media ethics. So that Indonesian netizens avoid oblique comments and do not create negative content that can be ensnared by the Information and Electronic Transactions Law (ITE).

“Let’s make Indonesia no longer a country where netizens are bound or disrespectful. With digital literacy, we become more mature, wise, and polite. Indonesia is known as a friendly country, we can also do that in the digital world,” said Mafindo Education Committee Julita Hazeliana in Jombang, East Java, on Thursday (28/7).

Ethics in the real world should be the same as the virtual world. Digitally savvy individuals must understand internet etiquette or etiquette. When interacting in the network, not just with the letters on the gadget screen. However, there are other humans who have hearts, can be angry, offended, happy, and so on.

So that each individual must comply with real-life behavioral standards when communicating in the digital world. Treat others the way you want to be treated. “Respect other people’s privacy. Be nice online. Spread the knowledge of information that has been proven to be true (not a hoax),” said Julita. (OL-12)

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