Maintaining Ethics on Social Media, Don’t Just Comment

Ethical social media will create security and a conducive digital situation. Although nothing on the internet is 100% safe, every user can reduce the risk.

“Many now, do not know but the comments seem familiar. If it is positive, if it is negative it will hurt feelings even though we do not deal with the person directly,” said the Education Committee of the Indonesian Anti-Defamation Society (Mafindo), Julita Hazeliana in Trenggalek, East Java. on Tuesday (19/7).

Even though every user in the digital realm is only dealing with a cellphone screen, in fact the interlocutor is with other humans as well. According to We Are Social data, internet users currently reach 204.7 million, around 73.7% of Indonesia’s total population. You can imagine the flow of information that occurs very quickly and a lot. Especially with the intensity of use that averages almost nine hours per day.

He further said, there are several backgrounds that make digital media users must be ethical. Among other things, cultural differences, which make everyone have to understand, have an attitude of tolerance. Then in today’s digital world, the relationships that are built also cross geographical and cultural boundaries. In the digital world, every individual sometimes also needs collaboration.

The ethics of interacting in the digital world must have a foundation of awareness, responsibility, integrity in honesty, and virtue in values ‚Äč‚Äčthat provide benefits. Like ethics in real life, every user must also have ethics when interacting in the digital space. (OL-12)

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