Made from Young Goat Meat, the Uniquely Delicious Tegal and Solo Goat Satay Concoction


Goat satay The most popular ones in Central Java are the Tegal and Solo goat satays. Even though they are both from the island of Java, they both have a unique taste.

Like soto which has a variety of ingredients. Satay is like that too. Almost every city, especially on the island of Java, has a different blend of satay. From chicken, beef or buffalo meat and mutton.

Of the 10 Indonesian culinary delights, satay is one of them. Satay, especially chicken satay with peanut sauce, is well-known all over the world. However, other satays are also delicious and popular.

Of course, the type of meat used and the spices and the way the satay is served are different in each region. Depending on the traditions and natural products that exist around the area.

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Besides Madura satay and Padang satay, there is also Tegal goat satay and Solo goat satay which are no less delicious. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Faiz Dila

Apart from the popular Madura satay and Padang satay, there are two regions that are recognized for having goat satay which is the best in taste. Using young goat meat, the Solo goat satay and the Tegal goat satay have many fans.

Both preparations goat satay It is known not to have a sharp or sour aroma but is tender and juicy when you bite it. Although both are named satay and use the same type of young goat meat, the two of them certainly have significant differences.

Solo goat satay is known for its strong seasoning and is served in various types. Even though it’s only given a minimalist spice, it’s still smooth. Besides beef satay, Solo also has buntel satay, minced mutton wrapped in young fat and grilled.

Meanwhile, the Tegal goat satay uses less seasoning or is known as ‘plain satay’. Just sprinkled with a little pepper, the young mutton doesn’t have a sour smell and is juicy and tender.

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Made from Young Goat Meat, the Uniquely Delicious Tegal and Solo Goat Satay Concoction The Tegal and Solo goat satays are identical to using young goats known as batibul and balibul. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Faiz Dila

This is because this young goat satay uses a type of goat known as balibul and batibul. Balibu is a young goat that is slaughtered when it is under five months old. While batibul is used to refer to goat meat that is slaughtered from goats under three months of age.

In this detikfood review, we invite you to get to know the typical Solo goat satay and the Tegal goat satay in detail. Starting from the differences, the types to recommendations for places to eat goat satay typical of Solo and goat satay Tegal specialties that are guaranteed to be delicious without having to go all the way to the original area.

For lovers of goat satay, of course, this information will be very interesting to continue to listen to and follow. This information about Solo goat satay and Tegal goat satay is also suitable as an inspiration for the dinner menu if you are bored with Madura satay or Padang satay.

If you don’t want to miss the information, make sure to continue to monitor detikfood reviews this time!

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