Luxurious Resort Jokowi-PM Singapore Meeting Location


Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) met Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at The Sanchaya Resort Bintan. The meeting location is famous for being luxurious with a tropical island feel.

President Jokowi and PM Lee Hsien Loong signed and exchanged a number of memorandums of understanding on Tuesday (25/1/2022). Some of the points discussed regarding flight information region (FIR), extradition treaties, prevention of terrorism financing, and safe mobility between countries.

Hot Moment of Jokowi-PM Singapore Selfie in Bintan Photo: Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat

Their meeting was also warm. This was marked by the moment the two of them took a selfie together.

This warmth was also marked by the selection of the meeting location, namely at The Sanchaya, a tropical resort in Bintan, Riau Islands. This resort is by the white sand beach of Lagoi Bay.

Seen by detikcom from site, this resort has VIP facilities that guarantee the privacy of its guests. In addition, they also guarantee the convenience of the immigration process when foreign tourists arrive in Bintan. So no wonder, this resort is a destination for foreign tourists, especially Singaporean tourists.

The Sanchaya Resort BintanThe Sanchaya Resort Bintan. Photo: Twitter @TheSanchaya

The Sanchaya has 29 rooms and villas that guests can enjoy. The types of rooms and villas also vary, there are Lawan Thai Villa, Junior Suite, Sanchaya Suite, Two Bedroom Villa, Leelawadee, and Vanda Villa.

The specialty of the rooms and villas at The Sanchaya is the view that is served. The majority directly face the sea so that it spoils the eyes of its guests.

In addition, the sports facilities there are also very diverse. Guests can be satisfied walking, cycling, swimming to archery.

If you want relaxation, guests can also try the spa. The spa at The Sanchaya is inspired by Balinese spas. Guests can enjoy the spa indoors or in the cabanas.

The Sanchaya Resort BintanThe Sanchaya Resort Bintan. Photo: Twitter @TheSanchaya

A resort stay is not complete without enjoying the culinary arts. The Sanchaya offers a variety of culinary delights to suit guests’ tastes which are divided into various types of restaurants.

For example, Tasanee Grill, serves an atmosphere and menu inspired by Bangkok, Thailand. The location is by the pool.

Then there is The Dining Room, a restaurant that serves European and Indonesian food. Suitable visit for family.

There is also a bar, for guests who want to taste various types of drinks and consume cigars and shisha.

The Sanchaya Resort BintanThe Sanchaya Resort Bintan. Photo: Twitter @TheSanchaya

If you want to enjoy culinary delights in the wild, The Sanchaya also provides picnic facilities at the beachfront park. To be able to stay there, a traveler must prepare a budget from IDR 10 million to IDR 35 million per night. How are you interested in staying at this resort?

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