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Low Code Platform from Zoho Bridges Business and Information Technology

Zoho Corporation, a leading global technology company, launched low-code platform latest version of Zoho Creator.

Low code is a complete solution that bridges business people and information technology (IT) by providing experience in creating business solutions without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.

Low code is a software development method that uses visual interface technology with basic logic and ease of drag and drop in platform already designed for it, without the need to write a single programming language code.

Companies in Asia Pacific are increasingly using low-code platform to implement fast and secure business solutions to drive their digital transformation efforts.

With this trend, the market platform low-code development in Asia Pacific will see a market growth of 27.1% in compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period of 2020-2026.

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Adoption low-code platform enables organizations to rapidly develop applications according to their business needs with existing workforce. To deal with the soaring demand for business applications, solutions should be easy to implement, scalable and cost-effective.

Through Zoho Creator, users can build, manage, integrate and analyze their business. This allows the management of business applications that are end-to-end in one platform.

Its capabilities are comprehensive, and deployment is ten times faster than any solution on the market.

With a series of tools in low-code platform In this way, IT users and businesses can work together to create and implement applications that can be tailored to their needs.

“Besides Zoho Creator, there are very few solutions low code in a market that allows business or IT users to create tools while enabling IT teams to manage security, compliance, integration, and sustainable governance,” said Gibu Mathew, Vice President and General Manager of Zoho Asia Pacific Region.

“The combination of two disciplines and user profiles shows the unique value of this Creator platform,” said Mathew in a press statement, Thursday (10/3).

Zoho Creator integrates digital data and processes to facilitate the creation of truly agile solutions.

Business developers can now easily build solutions low code which can be optimized, such as applications, integration, analytics, and process automation without the expensive and time-consuming training that complex platforms typically require.

For IT stakeholders, platform it provides more control over governance and management without sacrificing automation, data-driven insights, or customization.

Business and IT users, together, can quickly deploy secure dynamic solutions, created automatically focused on solving business problems and pursuing new opportunities.

Astrid Paramita, CEO of FoodCycle, member of the Global Foodbanking Network (GFN) from Indonesia shared, “Zoho Creator is very user friendly and anyone with basic digital literacy can explore the platform. low code and create solutions as needed. Use drag-and-drop forms and modulewe can quickly deploy basic applications for our business.”

“As demands continue to grow and the need for complex and structured solutions grows, we can easily contact the Zoho Creator team,” he said.

“From a small business perspective, usage-based pricing is a cost-effective price. Zoho Creator has helped reduce barriers for small businesses and gave us access to large enterprise-class technology,” explains Astrid.

Major Parts of Innovation in the New Creator Platform

By building an app through the new Creator platform, users can create, integrate, analyze, and manage custom business solutions from a single dashboard.

Through enhanced AI technology and capabilities in the design process, applications can be expanded and implemented quickly.

In addition, developers can write, store, and execute reusable code blocks on the Zoho Creator platform using Deluge, Java, or Node.js.

Developers can leverage the universal cloud model for secure data transfer, by automating data integration rules with a unified data architecture and over 650 connectors plug-and-play. This allows easier data integration for users.

Using the Integration Status Dashboard, users can see how effectively the integration is running, as well, enabling organizations to spot problems and resolve them quickly.

Additionally, Zoho Creator now includes business intelligence and analytics technology. This allows users to derive business insights from the data contained in their applications without needing to subscribe to other applications.

Because current solutions can be launched in different environments with a single click, developers have increased control over development and product lifecycle management.

How much does Zoho Creator cost? “Prices start from USD 25 per user. For more complete pricing information, visit: https://www.zoho.com/id/creator/pricing,” explained Astrid.

Zoho respects user privacy and does not have an ad revenue model in any part of its business, including its free products.

“More than 70 million users worldwide, across hundreds of thousands of companies, rely on Zoho every day to run their business, including Zoho itself. For more information, please visit: https://www.zoho.com/privacy-commitment, said Astrid. (RO/OL-09)