Love Indonesian Food, These Russian Caucasians Combine Meatballs with Pete


Stay in IndonesiaThis beautiful Caucasian from Russia loves to eat Indonesian food. He even showed off his moment when he ate meatballs mixed with bananas.

Bakso is a popular Indonesian food. This food made from beef always has a place in the hearts of Indonesian people because of its savory and refreshing taste.

It turns out that it’s not only Indonesians who are crazy about meatballs, this Russian woman admits that she also likes to eat meatballs. She is Ulya who now lives in East Java with her husband and child, as confirmed by detikFood (25/03).

Coming from Russia, Ulya is always enthusiastic about Indonesian culture, including culinary matters. Through his Instagram @ulianaci he said that he likes to eat Indonesian food.

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Caucasians eat petai and meatballs Photo: Instagram @ulianaci

One of them is meatballs, a culinary dish in the form of meat balls combined with noodles and a savory broth. Not only that, he also often mixes other condiments into his food.

As in the video uploaded some time ago, he mix raw petai into a bowl of meatballs. Initially he responded to netizen comments.

“If real Indonesia likes petai, do you like petai or not?” wrote a netizen.

In response to this, Ulya immediately proved how much he liked eating bananas. In the video, he can be seen ordering egg-filled meatballs.

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Caucasians eat bananas and meatballsHe started to mix raw bananas into the meatballs. Photo: Instagram @ulianaci

Then, Ulya tried the banana-mixed meatball which she thought was delicious. “So I tried to eat meatballs with bananas, they taste delicious and fresh,” he said in the video.

Furthermore, Ulya said that he really likes to eat bananas. And the combination of meatballs and maps has often been done. “Who likes to eat raw bananas too? I like to eat bananas with meatballs,” he said.

The video is also getting a lot of responses netizens. Not a few netizens were surprised by the combination of Ulya’s meatballs and petai.

“I also like bananas, but I’ve never mixed it with meatballs. I’ve had chili mixed in it, maybe you can try the banana and chili sauce,” wrote a netizen.

“This is the first time someone has eaten meatballs with bananas, where did this inspiration come from?,” wrote another netizen.

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