Looking for a Safe Beach for Swimming in Sukabumi? Try Cibangban Beach


One of the tourist attractions in Sukabumi Regency is the existence of a variety of beautiful beaches. In Palabuhanratu, the capital of Sukabumi Regency, there are many commercial beaches that present their own specialties. Starting from Karang Hawu Beach, Cibangban, Citepus, to Sawarna.

The beach that will be discussed this time is Cibangban Beach. This beach is located in Pasir Baru Village, Cisolok District, Sukabumi Regency. Cibangban Beach has three tourist points, namely Cibangban Lapang, Karang Haji, and Cikembang. Just like other beaches in Palabuhanratu, these three beaches are managed by the village and the local Youth Organization.

Cibangban Beach in Palabuhanratu Photo: (Syifa Yasmin/detikcom)

In contrast to Karang Hawu or Citepus Beach which is located on the side of the road and is an open space. Cibangban Beach has a slightly more exclusive location. Visitors need to enter a special gate to get to the parking lot and the beach.

The south coast is known to have quite strong waves and currents. For example in the Karang Hawu Beach area which is known to be fierce at certain times. Well, one of the features of Cibangban Beach is the calm current. So this beach is relatively safe for visitors who want to swim with family and children.

“In Cibangban, the water has been calm from the start, you could say nothing has happened,” said Devi Aryanto, Field Coordinator of LPMD Cisolok.

In addition to swimming, Cibangban Beach also presents other water attractions. On this beach there are fishing boats that can be rented to get around. Not only that, this beach also has a mini surfboard rental place that is suitable for beginners and even children.

Because it is not an open space, to enter the Cibangban Beach area, visitors will be charged an entrance fee of IDR 10,000 per person. This rate includes parking fees, so visitors only need to pay once to enter and exit the beach. For other attractions such as boats and surfboards, a different fee is charged and visitors can pay directly to the renter.

For you beach lovers who want to enjoy the beauty of the beach while swimming, or for families with children who want to swim on the beach safely, Cibangban Beach can be an interesting choice to visit.

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