Log Reuse Wait Desc Replication

Log Reuse Wait Desc Replication. Finally, it got removed but we were still seeing replication wait. Problem is, i dont even have replication turned on.

9003 is a Scary Number SQLServerCentral from www.sqlservercentral.com

The column displays the reason of transaction log space is currently waiting on to clear. Above script will return the name of the database along with the log_reuse_wait_desc. Go select db.name [database], db.recovery_model_desc [recovery mode], db.log_reuse_wait_desc [log waiting on], cast (cast (mf.size as decimal) * 8 / 1024 / 1024 as decimal (10,2)) [file size gb], case upper (reverse (substring (reverse (mf.physical_name), 0, 4))) when mdf then data when ldf then log else null end [file.