Local Gaming and Digital Marketplace Sites Give Promos

The local gaming and digital product marketplace, Skinuphoria, provides attractive promos for its users. This was done in order to welcome his first birthday on Tuesday (22/3).

In addition, Skinuphoria invites gamers to look back on the journey for one year as the first step towards the next 1,000 steps. “This year’s flashback is truly an extraordinary achievement. Transactions and development progress continues to provide the best experience for Indonesian gamers, especially for the Indonesian game community, which has responded positively. We are quite surprised that this marketplace service has a significant impact , both towards increasing the income of product and digital sellers,” said Michael Prayogo, Executive Director Marketing of Skinuphoria, in a written statement, Tuesday (22/3).

Michael also added that the process that Skinuphoria went through of course did not end there, but had just begun. The company will continue to have integrity in providing the best for the game and digital product transaction marketplace in Indonesia. The trick is to hear positive feedback and input to continue developing the site’s wings.

In the future, Skinuphoria will not only focus on games and digital products. To make it easier for their users, the gaming marketplace also provides PPoB features, namely instant top up features for various needs, including paying for electricity, water, buying packages, and topping up credit, as well as paying BPJS. In presenting this instant top up feature, it aims to help users who need digital products to support their gaming activities. Thus the site can become a place for gamers to gather, fulfill all their gamers’ needs, and a marketplace that supports their passion.

In addition, on its first anniversary, the company is committed to continuing to provide the best service by providing easy transactions for users. One of the ease of transactions offered is improving their current website and releasing a mobile application this year which can be downloaded on the PlayStore. The site also adds various features that can help user transactions. “During this year, many activities have been carried out to pursue achievements, among which we continue to focus on providing the best and competitive prices by holding coupons and other promos. As a result, the number of visitors has increased to more than 250,000,” added Michael.

It also continues to support gamepreneurship activities or trade in safe and comfortable game and digital products to grow their income. The way he does that is often holding various promos, giveaways, and giving appreciation. Attractive promotions are always improved to benefit buyers when buying their favorite products and increase the selling value of products from sellers. Giveaways are often held to stay connected with the game community in Indonesia. There is also a merchant appreciation which is always held every four months and per season. For merchants who excel in increasing their sales and services, Skinuphoria gives appreciation in the form of gifts and more capital to sell.

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Finally, the next step taken by Skinuphoria is synergizing with the gamer community in Indonesia, listening to complaints, feedback, and input for the next feature development at any time. Users can access through 24/7 Customer Care, and all Skinuphoria social media. (OL-14)