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Listen, these are the favorite filters used by celebgrams for their social media posts

USERS of social media must be very familiar with filter applications that are widely used. In addition to providing a more attractive appearance, filters can also make a display easier to understand or provide an entertainment effect.

Filters are one of the features on Instagram that combine original posts such as photos and videos with virtual effects. Effects come in various forms, ranging from polaroid effects or warm colors to making our faces into cartoon characters or blue eyes.

Usually, filters are used in Instagram Stories or Reels because they are placed together there. But if you want to bother using it for your post feed effects, you can upload a photo or video via Story and apply a filter, then save it without having to upload it as a Story.

Although there are some filters that Instagram has provided, anyone can make them and use them! Through Spark AR, you can be creative with your custom filters and use them for promotional purposes or just for fun.

The name of the Instagram filter hits 2022

Of the many filters, there are several excellent filters that you can use to make your Story and Reels posts even cooler. Each has its own uniqueness.

  • •Agel Pink: pink color effect
  • •Bem Panuterona: gives a make-up effect to the face
  • •Chantily: gives a soft color effect
  • •Cute: make the face more beautiful with a highlighter effect on the nose and cheeks and remove spots on the face
  • •Cuteness: love emoji effect on camera
  • •Daisy: daisy flower effect on the top of the head
  • Eyelashes: make eyelashes curly
  • Freckles: the effect of freckles on the face area, especially under the eyes
  • Fresh Makeup: gives a make-up effect on the face and looks fresh
  • •Golden Hour: provides a twilight effect plus a suitable background music
  • •Good Vibes: beautify the face
  • Inkravtania: gives a smooth effect on the face naturally
  • •Love: beautify the eyes with a picture of love under the eyes
  • Lover: makes lips look sexier and cheeks flushed
  • Mooboard 1: various multiple frame effects so that photo posts are more unique
  • •Pink Butterfly: butterfly animation effect and make eye color change
  • •Tropical presets: give a light effect to photo posts
  • •Red Love: emoji love effect around face
  • •Rose Bling: rose flower effect on cheeks
  • Tartar: smoothes the face and gives a blush effect on the cheeks and nose

How to find the latest Instagram filters

Not all filters are directly available in your Story options. If you want to use something other than what has been recommended, there are 3 ways you can use to find the right Instagram filter.

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1. Through the search field in the Story option

Once you are logged into your Instagram account, swipe left to find the Instagram Story option.

• Slide the row of filter options at the bottom to the right corner and you will find a magnifying glass icon with the caption “Browse Effects/Browse Effects”.

  • •Click on the icon and you will see many categories of filters.
  • If you want to find by name, click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner and type the name of the filter you want to search for.
  • Click the filter of your choice and try it by selecting “Try It” in the lower left corner.
  • • Click the down arrow icon in the lower right corner to save the filter and find it right away the next time you use Instagram Stories.

2. Via another account’s Instagram Story post

There are times when you find an interesting filter through the Story posts of your friends or celebrities and influencers. You can also get the same filter.

  • •Click on the filter at the top, just below the username that uploaded the story.
  • •Click “Try It” to try it out and “Save Effect” saves the filter.

3. Via favorite filter creator account

Remember that anyone can create their own filter, right? You can find out the creator of the filter when you use it and the creator’s username will appear next to the filter name.

  • •Visit the filter creator’s Instagram account.
  • •Select the 3 stars (sparks) icon to view the creator’s collection of filters.
  • •Select a filter, then click “Try It” to try it and “Save Effect” saves the filter.

Celebrity frequently used filters

It is commonplace that celebgrams and influencers are a source of inspiration for many people’s Instagram posts. They are good at choosing suitable filters for their Story posts. Here is a list of filters that are currently being used by celebgrams!

  • •Sparkling – @chachathaib
  • •Classic Magazine – @vieryvito
  • •Cute Teal –
  • •Cute Tulip – @dingmintt
  • •Disposable – @gezsang
  • •Emojiiss – @vieryvito
  • ethereal – @glamouraesth
  • happy kid – @carlitoscantero_
  • •Hoodie – @budianie
  • •ILY three thousand V2 – @_ekastwn
  • •Kodak Camera – @itsrizvan
  • •Lalasa – @dorippu
  • Lip Kit – @kyliejenner
  • •Minimalist – @nadianraulya
  • My Glitter – @vieryvito
  • •Pure^Filter – @_octrn
  • Rare – @selenagomez
  • RETRO FRAME I – @kokhorngcheam
  • Happy and Happy – @tantrinamirah
  • •santuy – @_octrn
  • •Seamless butterfly – @wirandy_saputra
  • •Seminyak – @eatandtreats
  • •Smooth – @viaazulviani
  • •Temporary – @peotys.stuff
  • •What Lovers Do – @kolaborasikopi_
  • •Winter – @stevenjerryy
  • •?? Glowing chic ?? – @chichiiannisa

So have you found inspiration and a suitable filter to use? Immediately try on Instagram, yes! Instagram filters can be a fun creative place for you. You can also try and experiment with other Instagram features. (OL-7)