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Lilla’s Digital Platform Transforms to Respond to Mothers’ Needs

FOR more than two years during the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many challenges that mothers in Indonesia must experience, especially for mothers. first time moms.

Lila, platform Indonesia’s leading digital network that focuses on the needs of mothers and children, is now transforming to present an ecosystem and a series of smart solutions that answer all the needs of mothers at every step of their lives.

Lilla launched an application that can be personalized or a tool to meet the needs according to the profile of the mother and the stage of child development.

Thus, modern mothers who are closely related to digital platforms and information will make it easier for modern mothers.

In today’s growing digital era, mothers are increasingly digital savvy (digital smart) and many use digital platforms, including in finding important information and meeting needs.

Information and fulfillment of mothers starting from pregnancy, to the delivery process, and continues until the stage of child development.

In one of the discussion forums that Lilla held with the mothers, it turns out that the ease of information in the digital era also sometimes makes it difficult for mothers to find a complete digital platform.

Hard to get platform digital media that provides reliable and credible information about mothers and children.

In a press statement, Friday (11/3), General Manager of Lilla, Nurul Sulisto, said, “The impact of this situation often makes mothers become depressed. overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right and reliable information and products.”

“Therefore, it is necessary to have an intelligent solution that is able to meet the needs and help facilitate the mother’s journey, especially in the midst of the large flow of information and products that are not necessarily in accordance with the phase that the mother is going through,” he explained.

This was also approved by dr. Dinda Derdameisya, Sp.OG, obstetrician (obgyn) who stated that mothers are becoming increasingly critical and want quick information on questions about pregnancy, especially in this digital era.

“Moms today can be said to be very observant in finding information and receiving information both online and information from other sources,” said dr.Dinda.

In addition, they also always want to know smart solutions to the problems they are experiencing quickly.

These characteristics encourage them to seek as much information as possible to then be filtered with validation from doctors.

“In addition to the importance of obtaining reliable information, support system being able to be relied on to facilitate a mother’s journey and maintain her happiness is also considered very important,” said Samanta Elsener, M.Psi., child and family psychologist.

“Mothers need a trusted source of support so they can balance their time to be able to carry out their role as mothers as well as possible,” she said.

“In addition to getting support from family, relatives and from digital platforms, it is also necessary to know that a happy mother is a mother who can give the best for her child,” said Samanta.

To achieve this, it is important for mothers to pay attention to themselves (self-care) and love himself (self-love).

Understanding the challenges mothers face, Lilla comes up with ultimate mom app first with 2-in-1 features in Indonesia which is equipped with reliable features to help and facilitate the role of mothers in all conditions, anytime and anywhere.

“Lilla’s presence will not only help mothers meet the needs for themselves and their children, but also become a reliable reference for information that we have curated from experts,” he said.

“We understand how important it is to have support system which are integrated with each other to make it easier for mothers to meet all their needs, so Lilla is also developing this complete ecosystem by positioning mothers as the main focus for all of our innovation steps,” said Nurul.

There are four main features in the Lilla application that can be a mainstay and a loyal friend of mothers, including: Easy shopping (Ease of shopping), Motherhood tracker (Monitoring fetal development), Ppersonalized experience (Provides a personalized experience), and Learn from the experts (Learn from the experts)

Leran from the expert contains reliable information on various topics of mothers and children, such as child development, pregnancy, to breastfeeding, which are presented by experts.

Experts including dr. Melia Yunita, MSc, Sp.A (pediatrician), dr. dr Cindy J. Pudjiadi SpGK (nutritionist), dr. Dinda Derdameisya, Sp.OG (gynecologist), Jamilatus sadiyah Amd.Keb RYT (midwife), and even a lactation counselor. (RO/OL-09)