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Likes to eat rice, these American Caucasians have up to 22 kg of rice stock


Like Indonesians, woman This American origin really likes to eat rice. He even bought 22 kilograms of rice for his own stock.

Rice is the staple food of Asians, including Indonesia. Even for Indonesians, eating rice can make the stomach full longer, no matter when to eat it.

Rice can be a breakfast menu, lunch to dinner. Because it cannot be separated from the habit of eating rice, there is a popular term in Indonesia, namely ‘you haven’t eaten if you haven’t eaten rice’.

In contrast to the people of Western countries whose staple foods are more diverse. Starting from flour, vegetables, fruit and meat. They even very rarely eat rice in their daily menu.

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American Caucasians love to eat this rice named Adrien Photo: Instagram @artwitch95

However, this American woman is actually crazy about rice to make her figure viral on social media. The woman’s name was Adrien who lived in the Minneapolis area.

Through his Instagram upload @artwitch95 he said how much he loves rice. He even bought 22 kilograms of rice for his own stock.

“All my life my favorite food was just plain white rice,” the 26-year-old said in an Instagram video.

Because of his love for rice, Adrien wanted a rice dispenser on the shopping list on the Amazon site. And finally he managed to get a rice dispenser as a Christmas present.

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American Caucasians like to eat riceAmerican Caucasians love to eat rice and want a rice dispenser Photo: Instagram @artwitch95

The rice dispenser can hold about 11 kilograms of rice. Adrien said that he was very happy with the Christmas gift.

Therefore, he wanted to make the most of it and decided to buy 22 kilograms of rice for his own stock, as quoted from Food NDTV (04/03).

“I’m so dizzy about how much rice I have,” says Adrien.

The video went viral after being re-shared by the @9gag Instagram account. Many netizens said that they had never seen Americans like rice like Asians.

“We Asians are very proud to see you, excited to eat rice. Don’t forget to use rice and crackers,” wrote a netizen.

“I think it’s appropriate to live in Asia,” wrote netizens other.

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