Like a Vacation on a Private Island, This is Pane Island Beach

Middle Tapanuli

Central Tapanuli is blessed with a row of beaches that spoil the eye. Among the many beaches, this is Pane Island.

Pane Island is located in Pananggahan Village, Barus District, Central Tapanuli Regency. Locals call it a separate island because at high tide, the crossing seems to sink. But at low tide, the beach sand will emerge and make its way towards this island.

detikTravel tried to visit this beautiful beach. Since morning, the sea waves look calm and very shady. Like glass, the surface of the sand can still be seen from the surface.

The beach sand is white and fine. If you look closely, there are glitters in the sand. The sand is mixed with crushed shells.

A number of dining huts line the beach. The surrounding community is predominantly Muslim, so livestock such as goats are left on the beach.

Pane Island in Central Tapanuli Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

Usually the beach will be crowded on weekends. Young children, families and couples will vacation here.

They don’t always play wet, often they just take pictures or just have lunch on the beach. The cool sea breeze makes the eyes sleepy quickly.

If you want to cross to Pane Island, tourists just need to walk. Use comfortable footwear, because Pane is a coral island.

Pane Island in Central TapanuliPane Island in Central Tapanuli Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

On the side that faces into the island, beach sand can still be found. Mangroves also grow in the middle of the sea and can be used as a photo spot.

Unfortunately, there are no food and drink vendors on Pane Island. The island is used as a gardening place by local residents. Fish hookers are also often around the island.

You who want a vacation like a private island, come here as early as possible. Clean white sand and blue sea are ready to pamper you all day, for free!

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