Legendary Delight! Mung bean porridge in North Sumatra’s range is 37 years old


In Kisaran, North Sumatra, there are many delicious street foods. One of them is the legendary green bean porridge that has been peddled for 37 years!

People who have lived around the Kisaran City area, Asahan Regency, North Sumatra (North Sumatra) must know the location of street food stalls on Jalan Rivai Kisaran.

Starting in the afternoon until close to midnight, this area is lined with street food vendors. The types are varied, from main dishes to snacks.

There is one of the many food vendors in the area who can be called legendary because it has consistently survived from generation to generation. It has been selling since 1984 until now.

he is green bean porridge Jalan Rivai Kisaran which has lasted 37 years. His merchandise is in the form of a wooden cart, right in front of the SMPN 5 Kisaran building.

The owner of the business, named Heriadi (45). Every day he sells hundreds of bowls of mung bean porridge with the help of his wife, Ratih (43).

Ratih while mixing the green bean porridge ordered by the buyer. Photo: Prime of Ramadan

“This business was pioneered by my late father. My father started selling it in 1985, at first we sold on Jalan Imam Bonjol Kisaran, right in front of Ria’s cinema first,” said Heriadi when met detik.comWednesday (2/3/2022).

Heriadi recalled that after school he had helped his father sell porridge.

The policy of the Asahan Regency Government to organize a street food vendor area in 1994 under the late Regent Rohil Sihotang, made the porridge business run by his father move to Jalan Rivai Kisaran. It is at this location that until now mung bean porridge is still peddled.

“Starting from the price of a bowl at that time, it was Rp. 200 until now, it is Rp. 6,000,” he said.

Heriadi and his wife admitted that they do not have a special recipe for cooking the mung bean porridge they sell. Because everyone can cook it easily at home.

Legendary Delight!  Mung bean porridge in North Sumatra's range is 37 years oldThe owner admits that there is no special recipe for making this green bean porridge. Photo: Prime of Ramadan

“If there is no special recipe. We sell this porridge starting from sugar, coconut milk, cooked by ourselves. The beans are cultivated, it’s a good choice,” he said.

Apart from selling green bean porridgethey also provide various other types of porridge such as black rice, caca, corn, candil, marrow to banana compote.

“Although sometimes the price of sugar, coconut milk, and other ingredients tends to rise erratically, we are still trying to keep the price of one portion from rising,” he said.

Decades of selling, the Covid-19 pandemic had made his business recede, even though he was able to survive.

Legendary Delight!  Mung bean porridge in North Sumatra's range is 37 years oldMany buyers of mung bean porridge feel nostalgic when they eat mung bean porridge here. Photo: Prime of Ramadan

Although there are many other porridge vendors in Kisaran, most of the customers who buy porridge on Jalan Rivai have memories. Dedi is one of them. The customers who had often been invited by his father to eat porridge in that place were small.

“When I eat porridge here, when I was little my parents brought me here until I became a parent and brought my children to eat here too. There are memories,” he said.

According to Dedi, the taste green bean porridge Jalan Rivai This range cannot be compared to other merchants. “The sweetness of the sugar is just right. The taste doesn’t change, it’s still fresh. It’s good on the body,” he said.