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Leave the job, Vincent chooses to work in the coding field according to his passion

START from one of the courses on programming that he got while studying Electrical Engineering, Vincent, one of the alumni of Purwadhika Digital Technology School Bandung from the Job Connector Full Stack Web Development program, has since found an interest in the world. coding.

Finally Vincent decided to leave his previous job in order to get a career that suits him passionin the world coding previously buried.

Although now Vincent has finally succeeded in achieving his dream career as an Associate Software Engineer at Bithealth, Jakarta, Vincent admits that his struggle to get to this point was not an easy thing.

Bithealth is a digital healthcare provider company in Indonesia, creating -based innovation Artificial Intelligence (AI) through the platform Automatic Text Recognition (ATR).

He said there were various processes that he went through himself until he finally decided to shifting careers.

“As time went by, there was a lesson in electro, right? basic coding That’s it, and that’s where I started to feel coding It’s also fun,” said Vincent in a press statement, Friday (11/3).

“Just because there’s a stigma that when you’re studying electrical engineering, we have to focus on electricity, so from there, it’s like being buried in a dream to study. codingthink it’s just a course, right? coding that,” said Vincent.

But despite intending to be suppressed, Vincent’s interest in coding keeps appearing. It can be seen from the internship chosen by Vincent during semester 5, which turned out to be a company engaged in the manufacture of card chips.

At the company, he more or less learned Sharp’s C programming language, and felt challenged to learn more about coding,

But at that time, Vincent again gave up his intention to focus on his studies in Electrical Engineering.

Even in his final college assignment at that time it was also related to coding namely making Android applications as the final task.

Vincent also added, “After graduating and starting to look for work, of course looking for work related to the field of Electrical Engineering and finally I entered MT (Management Trainee) for almost 1 year.”

“Until in the end the feeling of liking the same coding it appears again, plus on the one hand parents also start to miss. Studying in Yogyakarta for 4 years, then continuing to work in Riau at that time,” he said.

“But my parents said, ‘Come on, you don’t have to work all the way to Jabodetabek so we can meet often’. From there, I realistically realized that the potential for work as an Electrical Engineer in Jabodetabek is not too much,” he said.

Until finally Vincent had the opportunity to take part in an interview as a Android developers.

But in interview that, Vincent realized that skills what he has is still far from requirementshim, and made him feel insecure, even though during college he had studied coding.

“Finally I decided to choose Purwadhika’s list. First in terms of budgetI can afford that, and also look at how long Purwadhika has been in the field of education, because I can see that it’s been a long time, surely his credibility can be maintained like that,” he explained.

“Finally I decided to enter Purwadhika and resigned from my old job with thoughts, and moved on from the world of Electrical Engineering because I really liked you from the start. coding,said Vicente.

Even though he admitted that he had a little difficulty at the beginning when he started studying again codingVincent shared his feelings at the time.

“What is learned at Purwadhika is also actually very relevant to the world of work, because after graduating from Purwadhika, my IT friends also said, “Oh, have you studied this at Purwadhika?” he said.

“It turns out that what is learned is really useful, like for example Framework, react framework, that react one of front framework end that is most used today. continue from backend We also teach nodeJS, for the mobile itself, we also get it from Purwadhika,” he explained.

“Until finally I entered the process of looking for work again, where this time I managed to get a job that matched my needs.” skills I, armed with Purwadhika, and of course with confidence.” said Vincent

Moreover, Vincent shared that he really likes his current job. Apart from being in the IT industry, having colleagues who are very supportive and continue to support him to grow is a plus point for him.

In the end interviewHe also admitted that he was proud to be a part of Bithealth.

“What I’m proud of from working here is core values from Bithealth itself, which is not only to give impact for individuals but also for the wider community, because the world of health is right, the last 2 years have become the spearhead of industry in Indonesia, right,’ said Vincent.

The Job Connector program itself is a program full time training 12-14 weeks in duration where students will study intensively to be able to achieve a career as a Digital Marketer, Full Stack Web Developer, UI/UX Designer, and Data Scientists.

This program can be a solution to help those who want to start a career in the digital world and also help companies hiring partners to get quality digital talent.

Reporting from Purwadhika’s official website, currently together with Bithealth, Purwadhika has a 100% scholarship program for three selected people, specifically for the Job Connector Full Stack Web Development program with learning methods live stream. (RO/OL-09)