Leap Telkom Becomes Indonesia’s Digitalization Leap

IN 2022 PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk was opened by launching a new brand, LEAP. Leap is proof of Telkom Indonesia’s commitment to accelerate Indonesia’s digital transformation. Almost all life in today’s world is driven and driven by digital technology. Therefore, Indonesia as part of the world community also needs to immediately ‘run’ to adapt to the speed of change brought about by digitalization. Leap was born by Telkom Indonesia to encourage the acceleration of Indonesia’s digitization.

Leap to umbrella brand for a variety of digital solutions that were born from Telkom and have a vision of being part of a digital technology company that can empower people in building a digital ecosystem in order to achieve Indonesia’s digital sovereignty. Each letter in the Leap name has its own meaning and significance that symbolizes the commitment to digital transformation. Leap is a combination of the words Look for progress, Exploring new ideas to innovate, Always giving good impact, and Providing Solution.

Fajrin Rasyid, Director of Digital Business Telkom is the initiator behind the birth of Leap. The previous Fajrin was co-founder and President of Bukalapak is very dedicated in the world of digital technology. After being appointed by Telkom Indonesia to lead the Digital Business Directorate, Fajrin proved his seriousness through Leap.

“The presence of Leap will have a big impact for Indonesia to compete and leapfrog to be on par with other developed countries in the world in a short time,” explained Fajrin.

As umbrella brand, Leap always looks forward, is open to ideas and innovations, and provides various solutions to bring positive impacts on people’s lives. The Leap logo represents the basic form of the leap forward towards digital sovereignty. This symbol also shows Leap as a core value in creating digital products that are innovative, solution-based, and have a good impact on Indonesia to move forward in achieving digital sovereignty. The combination of the letter L with the stylized right arrow icon on the Leap logo is a symbol of a spirit to continue to accelerate without stopping.

At its inauguration last March 2022, Leap was present by introducing its superior products and services which became digital solutions for Indonesia’s critical ecosystem. These include PaDi UMKM and MySooltan in the UMKM ecosystem, Logee in the logistics ecosystem, and Agree in the agricultural and fishery ecosystem. In addition, there is also the Pijar platform for the Education ecosystem, BigBox as a big data analysis platform, and Antares as an IoT platform, as well as the myIndiHome application.

“Leap is a step that we are taking to accelerate the realization of digitalization in various sectors and aspects of people’s lives, especially in critical sectors and ecosystems. Leap has a vision to be part of a digital telecommunications company that can empower people to build a digital ecosystem to achieve Indonesia’s digital sovereignty. For that, together with Leap, we invite the nation’s best digital talents to jointly develop Indonesia’s digital ecosystem and provide the best solutions to improve people’s living standards in the digital era,” added Fajrin Rasyid. (RO/OL-10)

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