Kutang Beach in Lamongan, Starting with Scattered Bras…


Kutang Beach is the name. The name of this unique beach is one of the most popular beach tourist destinations in Lamongan.

The name Kutang Beach comes from the garbage that is scattered to make it slum and dirty. Moreover, many braids were found stuck in the mangroves, some were even scattered on the beach. Finally, the beach in Kentong Hamlet, Labuhan Village, Brondong District, was named Kutang Beach.

“In the past, this beach was found a lot of kutang (BH) scattered with other garbage so that residents named this beach Kutang Beach,” said Ronal Aziz when confirmed, Wednesday (16/2/2022).

From the name that sounds funny and unique, it turns out that this beach is actually the main attraction and makes tourists curious to come.

Kutang Beach Lamongan Photo: Eko Sudjarwo

Kutang Beach also has many features. Starting from some interesting spots for selfies, the blue sea water, white sand and lined mangrove trees add to the beauty of this beach. There are also tree swings, gazebos and what is really interesting is the long bridge jutting into the sea.

“The bridge which has a length of about 400 meters has become one of the most favorite photo spots of all places on Kutang Beach,” he said.

The beach, which is managed by the BUMDes of Labuhan Village, was previously used for grouper cultivation, which is the source of livelihood for the residents of Labuhan Village. The entrance ticket to Kutang Beach is also quite affordable and pocket-friendly, only IDR 5 thousand.

Ronal admitted that Kutang Beach is open from 7 in the morning to half past six in the evening. It is these moments of twilight that many visitors look forward to because of the increasingly beautiful photo spots while waiting for the sunset.

Kutang Tuban BeachKutang Beach Tuban Photo: (Eko Sudjarwo/detikcom)

From the beach, visitors are also presented with the appearance of rocks overgrown with green moss and views of the open sea. With these extraordinary and cheap natural treats. A number of facilities such as prayer rooms and public toilets are also available at this tourist spot which is about 60 km from downtown Lamongan.

So, for those who want to come on the weekend, please come directly to Labuhan Village, Brondong District. The location is not far from the Pantura Lamongan axis road on Jalan Daendels.

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