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Kris Jenner Shows Off Luxury Plates, There’s a Picture of His Family


The Kardashian’s family often flaunts the luxury of life. This time it’s the turn of the luxurious and antique plate Kris Jenner which is exhibited.

The celebrity family of The Kardashians never fails to attract the attention of the audience through their daily lives. Living with everything that smells of luxury, even the condition of the kitchen in their house has also managed to attract public attention.

As a celebrity, it turns out that the Kardashians are very concerned about the furniture in their house. His mother, Kris Jenner, turned out to be a lover of antiques.

One of his collections is the antique plates that are arranged in a row in his kitchen. These antique ceramic plates are not just antiques. There is a special motif deliberately made by Kris Jenner.

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Kris Jenner has a hobby of collecting expensive plates. Photo: Daily Mail

Quoting the Daily Mail (9/3), Kris Jenner showcased her collection of luxurious plates with antique and unique designs. The plates turned out to be a collection of the high-priced Hermes and Gucci brands.

Kris Jenner has even prepared its own room for these expensive ceramic cutlery specifically. Some of the plates were even designed with the faces of all their children and other family members on them.

From small saucers for butter, cups and saucers, to vases, Kris Jenner owns everything. The prices for this collection of ceramic tableware also vary, ranging from Rp. 1.8 million to Rp. 52.9 million per piece.

In one corner of the tableware collection and storage room, there is a special section for plates he bought from the Hermes brand. One package containing three plates, two cups and three bases was purchased by Kris Jenner for Rp. 7.8 million.

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Kris Jenner Shows Off Luxury Plates, There's a Picture of His FamilyThere is a collection of tableware from Gucci Herbarium in the form of a teapot for brewing tea for Rp. 9.1 million. Photo: Daily Mail

Apart from Hermes, there is also a collection of tableware from Gucci Herbarium in the form of a teapot for brewing tea for Rp. 9.1 million. To complete this special tea-drinking moment, Kris Jenner also bought eight packages of teacups and cup mats which are priced at IDR 5.8 million per pair.

Kris Jenner has a full range of plate and glass colors. Red, orange, green, blue, turquoise to dark colors are also all there. But after this portrait of his plate collection room was leaked, Kris Jenner received a lot of negative comments.

Many netizens think that Kris Jenner do unimportant things. The huge expense involved in buying expensive cutlery is said to be more useful if it is channeled to help starving children.

“This is really sad. With so many hungry people this photo must exist and be uploaded on Instagram,” said one netizen.

“I can’t imagine but think how homeless people really have nothing right after I saw this,” wrote another netizen.

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