KlikDokter and GI VITA Collaborate in AI-Based Health Services

Health data technology company GI VITA announces that it has signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with KlikDokter to collaborate in a digital healthcare business targeting the Indonesian market.

KlikDokter is a subsidiary of Kalbe Farma, the largest pharmaceutical company, in Southeast Asia.

KlikDokter is a company telemedicine and e-pharmacy Indonesia and has reached 20 million MAU (Monthly Activity User) This year.

As the parent company, Kalbe Farma is the largest pharmaceutical company in Southeast Asia with a market share of 76 trillion won and achieving sales of around 2 trillion won by 2021.

In addition, it has formed a joint venture “KG Bio” with the domestic pharmaceutical company “Genexine” to cooperate in the development, production and distribution of vaccines.

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GI VITA is a company that provides health applications artificial intelligence (AI) named “Rothy” which helps users manage health by themselves.

Data lifelog by real-time can be collected and managed through Rothy.

This app also provides “Healthy Living Guide” based on AI technology developed by data professionals.

GI VITA enhances KlikDokter with AI solutions to collect data lifelog use smartwatches and smart scales and analyze data collected from devices and apps.

GI VITA believes in the possibility of using telemedicine lifelog data through KlikDokter.

In addition, this collaboration with Kalbe Farma Group will pave the way to enter Southeast Asia and also Indonesia.

In a statement Saturday (10/9), CEO of KlikDokter, Hendra Tjong said, “KlikDokter will improve service quality through GI Vita’s AI solutions and become the basis for service expansion through data. lifelog.”

GI VITA CEO, Kilyeon Lee, added, ‚ÄúThis partnership is significant as it has recognized its expertise in smart device relationships and data algorithm development. lifelog. And we will accelerate the development of overseas markets,” he said. (RO/OL-09)

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