Kingston Maintains Position As Market Leader For Memory Module Products

The latest ranking results by analyst firm TrenForce show Kingston Technology maintains its position as the market leader in memory module products and technology solutions with a market share of 78.7% and revenues of $14.2 billion (USD).

TrendForce stated that Kingston experienced an 8% increase in revenue over the previous year which marked Kingston’s success in occupying the top position for 19 consecutive years.

According to the report, the world’s top five memory module suppliers account for 90% of total sales in 2021, with Kingston holding nearly 80% of the market.

As one of the world’s leading buyers of DRAM chips, Kingston provided a customized production model that was able to deliver sustainable growth in shipping scale and drive an 8% increase in revenue. T

rendForce stated that the lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic as well as the adoption of distance learning grew significantly in the last two years which, prompted

growth in DRAM module shipments. In this case Kingston took appropriate steps to address the needs that arose from the situation. Kingston’s success is largely a result of the teamwork attitude embodied in ‘Kingston Is With You’ as the company’s source of strength among consumers and organizations with a common goal of improving new and existing systems.

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As the industry transitions from current DDR4 memory modules to DDR5, Kingston is upgrading its production infrastructure to support future platforms.

Kingston has been launching DDR5 modules since last year and became the first third-party supplier to receive Intel Platform Validation on DDR5 UDIMMS. This is the first and foremost achievement in validating compatibility between Kingston DDR5 memory solutions and Intel platforms using DDR5.

Indonesia itself is currently still going through a transition process where most PC and laptop users are still dominated by DDR4 users. However, the current development of electronic devices has also accelerated the transition process with the presence of laptops using DDR5 memory modules, especially in the gaming segment. S

as Trendforce predicts in 2020, the DDR5 era will begin in 2021 and continue to increase until 2022.

“TrendForce’s findings for 2021 reflect the company’s continued growth and flexibility to meet other business challenges,” said Kingston.

“Coinciding with our 35th anniversary celebrations, this achievement strengthens our position in the industry, as we have managed to maintain the top spot for 19 years in a row. Kingston Is With You and we are ready to respond to the high volume of requests,” concluded Kingston. (RO/OL-7)

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