Kinder Joy Withdrawn by BPOM, These are 5 Unique Incidents of Purchasing Kinder Joy


Circulation Kinder Joy was temporarily withdrawn by the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) due to suspicion of Salmonella contamination. In fact, this is a favorite snack for children.

Kinder Joy is a chocolate product that is packaged in the form of an egg. In addition to its sweet taste, Kinder Joy also includes a gift in the form of a cute toy.

So don’t be surprised if Kinder Joy is a favorite snack for children. But unfortunately, the circulation of Kinder Joy is currently being temporarily withdrawn by BPOM due to suspicion of Salmonella contamination.

This was triggered by an incident in Europe where around 63 children experienced diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps after consuming Kinder Joy. Whereas before, this snack has always been the target of children.

Here are 5 unique incidents of purchasing Kinder Joy

1. 99 skipper’s son made a Kinder Joy Pool

99 skipper’s child makes a Kinder Joy Pool Photo: Instagram

Kinder Joy is known to have a fairly expensive price. However, the owner of the skin care brand Juragan 99 actually bought up Kinder Joy in very large quantities.

He even made a pool filled with Kinder Joy to celebrate his daughter, Amberly’s birthday. Kinder Joy was put into the swimming pool, then he and his wife and child swam there.

To get all the Kinder Joy, Squire 99 even bought one truck. Kinder Joy is then distributed to invited guests and people around.

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2. Rafathar asks for IDR 300 thousand to buy Kinder Joy

Make Gems!  Rafathar's Funny Style When Eating Ice Cream to Chicken NoodlesRafathar Asks IDR 300 Thousand to Buy Kinder Joy Photo: Instagram Raffi Nagita

Kinder Joy also caught the attention of Rafathar, the first son of Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad. This can be seen in a video uploaded on the Rans Entertainment YouTube channel.

In the video, Rafathar asks Nagita for money to buy snacks at the mini market. When asked how much it cost, Rafathar immediately asked for Rp. 300,000 to buy Kinder Joy.

Besides Kinder Joy, Rafathar also said that he wanted to buy ice cream. The video immediately went viral and became the talk of netizens because of the nominal amount of Rafathar’s pocket money.

Watch the Video ‘What You Should Know About Salmonella Bacteria’:

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