Kemenparekraf Supports Continue to Develop to Become a Unicorn

DEVELOPMENT of technology and digital transformation makes it easy for everyone to communicate and interact. This is what the government is trying to use through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to connect one startup to another.

“In the digital and creative economy needs. Startup part of us. Earlier, we saw some needs, if we have connections with other startups that can work together in the future,” explained Deputy for the Digital Economy and Creative Products of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Niel El Himam at the Indo Livestock 2022 Expo and Forum, JCC Jakarta, Friday (8/7).

One example of a startup that caught Niel’s attention at the event was is an application that serves to connect the first breeders with their consumers.

“The point is, we hope that we can synergize so that we don’t have to work alone. I think this is the right moment. And I’m grateful to be invited here and can see that it’s amazing, it turns out that there are already very large independent farmers,” explained Niel.

Niel hopes that with this synergy, can develop while still a Startup and maybe develop into a Unicorn or Decacron.

“I think this is very possible. I also salute my friends here for their incredible survivability. We hope that we can help each other and of course this is also for our benefit as well as in terms of food security in Indonesia,” he said.

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The founder of Abbi Ap Darmaputra explained that the platform is an aggregator and liaison between the first breeders and consumers.

“So, when we talk about connecting dots, we have a function to connect farm points that have been separated so far,” explained Abbi.

“Farming is unique, people are usually cattle in the mountains or in faraway places. Meanwhile, the main needs are in the city, we try to connect one by one, starting from suppliers to consumers,” he added.

The application is expected to build a more efficient ecosystem and provide security for both farmers and buyers. is equipped with a number of features and platforms that allow members who join to get guidance, direction, and learning about the world of animal husbandry.

Thus, members can easily choose what steps to take related if they want to get involved in this field. (RO/OL-7)

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